AI Thought Leader Pandata Explores Challenges & Potential Of Ethical AI

Dec 6, 2022

Aware of the potential consequences of unintentional bias in AI, Pandata continues to champion ethical AI developments for cutting-edge business applications.

AI Thought Leader Pandata Explores Challenges & Potential Of Ethical AI

With a commitment to ethical AI, Pandata sponsored and shared solutions to top AI challenges at this year’s AI & Big Data Expo North America, held in California.

“At Pandata, our mission is to cultivate lasting, strategic partnerships with a variety of organizations, helping them proactively design AI that can be trusted,” said Pandata Chief People and Marketing Officer Nicole Ponstingle McCaffrey. “We believe that AI developed with transparency, privacy, and ethics at its foundation should be employed by all industries—which is why we’re proud to have been a Gold Sponsor at AI & Big Data Expo, an event that advocates for the need for trustworthy AI in industries from government to retail and beyond.”

Specializing in the design and development of AI and ML solutions for clients across industries like healthcare, finance and beyond, Pandata prioritizes thought leadership and continued education, as the company is aware of the field’s high risk potential.

AI is transforming lives globally, from hyper personalization to chatbots, quality control, call centers, and beyond. Whether you are building it or using software that has AI embedded in it, AI is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s an expectation. With this transformation comes mounting examples of unintended consequences of AI, including discriminating against female candidates to prioritizing healthcare of white patients over black patients.

Many algorithms powering AI solutions lack the ability to be easily audited and may compromise customers’ privacy. Meanwhile, unregulated AI can potentially undermine your strategy to build an inclusive, fair, and ethical organization, at the cost of consumer trust.

Organizations don’t have to choose between avoiding AI or accepting its risks wholesale. Unintended consequences are a result of using highly complex models that are difficult to interpret and built on large datasets that contain hard-to-identify biases. Building with trust at the foundation leads to an explainable solution that increases trust, overall buy-in, and ultimate success.

In his session, “Generating Business Value with Applied Machine Learning and AI,” Pandata CEO and AI Strategist Cal AL Dhubaib explored the challenges and solutions of designing robust AI while minimizing the risk of potentially negative consequences.

A powerful voice in AI and machine learning, Pandata offers complete AI design and development services. The company has helped nearly 100 clients implement ethical AI solutions to reach their goals, including:

   •A healthcare company which saw a 10% increase in revenue.

   •A Fortune 500 energy company which reached 90% accuracy in forecasting at-risk customer spend.

   •The Cleveland Museum of Art, which was able to use AI to understand visitor engagement with the space.

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