AI integration in EdTech: ESL, Language Learning Applications & More

May 16, 2023

We can’t deny AI integration is the cutting edge of language apps. Learn all about how and why AI-enhanced ESL learning is the future in Top Apps AI’s new article, “Using AI for Educational Apps: How Artificial Intelligence Levels the Playing Field for ESL Students”.

AI has quickly become one of the most talked about (and misunderstood) technologies of our time. While we'd all like to understand it, we don't necessarily have time to do all the in-depth research.

Lucky for us, Top Apps AI specializes in synthesizing complex information about AI and automation into easy-to-read articles. Their new article explains just how and why AI-integrated language learning apps are the best thing that happened to ESL learning since... well, since ever.

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✦ How AI-Integration Changed The ESL Game ✦

Top Apps AI aims to provide crucial and comprehensive information about the benefits of integrating AI technology into educational tools for ESL learning. According to the in-depth article, "Using AI for Educational Apps: How Artificial Intelligence Levels the Playing Field for ESL Students", AI technology can quickly improve ESL students' English fluency.

This new article was designed to encourage more educators and professionals in educational fields to gain a well-rounded understanding of the specific AI-enhanced apps that can best serve ESL students. As the article explains, three trailblazing apps in the realm of ESL education are Duolingo, Wordtune, and

Top Apps AI explores the contributions each of these interfaces has made to language learning by integrating AI in different ways.

✦ The Top Apps According To Top Apps AI ✦

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app on the market, particularly for those learning the English language. According to Top Apps AI, Duolingo's courses equally combine human and AI-generated content, with the AI integration allowing for speech recognition to enhance students' verbal practice, and lesson personalization to cater to each user's abilities. Duolingo recently announced Duolingo Max, which integrates more AI-fueled interactive features for increased personalization in ESL learning, says the company.

Another important language app described in the Top Apps AI article is Wordtune, which programmed its Natural Learning Processing (NLP) algorithms to have a deeper understanding of context-based clues and semantics. As the article explains, this creates more natural-sounding AI-generated text to help ESL learners practice their conversation skills.

Top Apps AI points out Wordtune's unique ability to translate whole sentences, rather than the word-for-word translation style of Google Translate, to help ESL learners understand context, turns of phrase, and original meaning. The company's recent article also notes the importance of the newly released, which has multiple features specifically designed to support ESL learning.

✦ About Top Apps AI ✦

The company strives to gather complex information regarding AI and automation and synthesize it into easy-to-understand articles that help readers of all kinds stay up-to-date on AI technology advancements.

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