AI Health Club is the Place to Recover from Long Covid

Nov 24, 2022

Dr. Thomas Sharon is offering a unique program for people with long covid to monitor your health and and speed your recovery.

AI Health Club is the Place to Recover from Long Covid

Dr. Thomas Sharon, a nurse practitioner in Las Vegas and founder of the AI Health Club, today announced the launch of an innovative program to improve the quality of life for long Covid sufferers. Since the start of the pandemic, Dr. Sharon has treated more than 6,000 Covid patients via telehealth, using artificial intelligence to remotely monitor people’s vital signs and health indicators through the patient’s cell phone camera. The AI Health Club will offer personalized care plans to help long Covid sufferers manage their symptoms daily and restore the quality of theirs lives.

The AI Health Club is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to long-term symptom management. Patients will receive one-on-one consultations and personalized care plans developed specifically to meet their needs. Dr. Sharon and his team of healthcare professionals will use the latest evidence-based interventions to help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life as quickly and effectively as possible.

Dr. Sharon states that he and his team at In Good Health PC are committed improving the quality of life for Long Covid sufferers. AI Health Club will provide an exceptional level of care and support for those who are struggling with this challenging condition.

Long Covid is a term used to describe the effects of COVID-19 that continue after acute infection. Common symptoms of Long Covid include fatigue, chronic cough, difficulty breathing, sinus congestion, inability to concentrate, memory impairment, cognitive impairment, disorientation, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome and high blood pressure.

Our new AI Health Club will provide a telehealth platform with access to experts who understand the debilitating symptoms and difficulty coping with long covid and can help alleviate the difficulties and improve the member’s quality of life. He will listen to the patient's concerns and provide a tailored treatment plan designed to alleviate the symptoms and provide rehabilitative therapies. Patients who have availed themselves of these services have overcome their symptoms and disabilities, improved their social interactions with family and friends, and have even returned to work; all within 3 months of starting the program.

Case-in-point: This case study concerns a 44-year-old female patient who has had long covid for six months. She was suffering from acute respiratory symptoms, renal hypertension (high blood due to kidney inflammation), chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety with panic attacks, and recurrent brain fog.

The patient’s medical history shows that she was in good health prior to her covid infection. She also reports having had long covid symptoms for several months since her positive test result. Her symptoms included persistent fatigue, difficulty concentrating due to brain fog, muscle weakness and pain, chest tightness/shortness of breath, and nausea.

After a comprehensive assessment via telehealth by Dr. Sharon, she was treated for her respiratory symptoms with inhalation treatment with albuterol (a bronchodilator) and budesonide (a steroid). Dr Sharon also prescribed steroid tablets, antibiotic, antihistamine with decongestant, expectorant, throat lozenges, and cough suppressant. The patient’s respiratory symptoms resolved in 2 weeks.

The patient was then referred to a cardiologist for a 3-D echocardiogram (3-dimensional ultrasound of the heart) to evaluate her for congestive heart failure. The echocardiogram results were normal; however, the patient was noted to have elevated blood pressure, which indicated kidney inflammation.

The patient was then treated for her renal hypertension. Dr. Sharon recommended lifestyle modifications such as reducing salt intake, increasing physical activity, maintaining good hydration levels, and prescribed Losartan 50 mg once daily to help manage her high blood pressure.

Dr. Sharon then referred the patient for an MRI of the brain for further evaluation of her recurrent brain fog. He noted that the patient was experiencing recurrent brain fog from long-covid because he did not find any evidence of neurological disorders. He treated her loss of focus and concentration with Strattera 25 mg once daily. The patient reported improvement in her ability to concentrate and in her short-term memory.

In summary, based on the results of her medical workup and evaluation, the patient’s treatment plan included lifestyle modifications such as avoiding salt intake, eating healthier, increasing physical activity, physical therapy, and getting enough sleep.

After following the treatment plan for three months, the patient reported that her fatigue and brain fog had improved significantly. Her blood pressure was also stabilized, and she was able to manage her long-covid symptoms more effectively. In all, she stated that the quality of her life improved and she was confident that her life will return to pre-covid normalcy.

Overall, this case study illustrates the importance of a comprehensive workup and evaluation to accurately diagnose and treat complex medical conditions such as long covid syndrome. Through lifestyle modifications, physical therapy and medications, patients can improve their overall health and quality of life.

The case study also demonstrates the importance of patient education and self-advocacy in healthcare settings. By being informed about their health conditions during the telehealth visits, patients have a better understanding of how to manage their symptoms and improve their overall wellness.

The AI Health Club is now open to new members, and membership fees are reasonable. For more information about the program or to join, please visit or call Dr. Sharon directly at 702-209-5648

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