AffordableFamilyHealthcare Launched to Promote Affordable In-Home Primary Care

May 17, 2023

AffordableFamilyHealthcare will promote award-winning coaching and affordable in-home preventative and primary care designed to help families cut healthcare costs while elevating wellness outcomes. The new company is a DBA of the innovative health and wellness company, Hilke Enterprises LLC of Highland UT.

The innovative health and wellness company, Hilke Enterprises LLC of Highland Utah, announces the creation of its new DBA (doing business as) company, AffordableFamilyHealthcare.

Information about the new AffordableFamilyHealthcare business is available at this website:


The focus of the new business entity is to provide individuals and their households with affordable preventative and primary healthcare, available through a new subscription-based healthcare product called Orriant Life, a joint venture between Orriant Healthcare and Nice Healthcare.

Orriant is taking their amazing award-winning health coaching previously available for businesses only, and bringing it to the consumer… individuals and their families. Then add in Nice Healthcare’s In-home and Virtual Primary Care with Free Labs, X-rays, EKGs, Virtual Mental Health, Virtual Physical Therapy, and over 550 Free Prescription Medications. No Deductibles. No Copays. All of this is offered for about the price of one meal per day (less than $4) per household.

As an affiliate reseller of Orriant Life, AffordableFamilyHealthcare offers discounted pricing to individuals for Orriant Life subscriptions.

Orriant Life is not a health insurance plan. It is not health coverage and does not pay for any care beyond primary care. It does not cover any secondary care or catastrophic healthcare needs. Rather, Orriant Life is a subscription to prevention and primary care, provided in-home and virtual with no deductibles and no copays. Orriant’s consumer results data show an average of 50% reduction in healthcare claims trend within three years of implementing the Orriant wellness program, while at the same time improving their consumers’ average biometric health statistics. Individuals seeking lower cost preventative and primary care will also enjoy the convenience of in-home and virtual care.

Bob Hilke, founder and CEO of Hilke Enterprises, explains why AffordableFamilyHealthcare is a strategic addition to Hilke Enterprises: “Having worked more than 30 years in the Health Insurance and Wellness industry, and seeing healthcare costs rise dramatically for so many years, we now have a remarkable solution to help families cut overall healthcare costs while at the same time providing tools to elevate their wellness outcomes.”

Individuals who can benefit from the healthcare services offered by AffordableFamilyHealthcare include:

· Any adult individual in the U.S.A., and their Household. *

· Individuals who don’t have adequate health insurance, who want an affordable subscription for preventative and primary care.

· Individuals who have high-deductible health insurance, and who wish to avoid paying deductibles and copays for preventative and primary care.

· Individuals who have health insurance, and who wish to elevate their wellness and healthcare experience with award-winning coaching; and in-home and virtual primary care, mental health, physical therapy, and prescriptions with no deductibles or copays.

· Individuals who have health insurance, and who wish to reduce their overall healthcare claims by 50%, consistent with Orriant's subscriber 3-year improvement statistics.

· Small businesses who wish to elevate their employees’ healthcare benefit offering and improve employee wellness outcomes. Businesses of 10 or more employees call (800) 584-3596 for information on less expensive contract rates than are available for individuals.

* Orriant coaching is offered in all 50 states in the U.S.A. Virtual and in-home preventative and primary care services are available in 12 states or select cities. See website for service area information.

While AffordableFamilyHealthcare and its parent company, Hilke Enterprises LLC, are based in Highland Utah, AffordableFamilyHealthcare serves individuals and their families throughout all 50 states of the U.S.A.

Additional information is available at (800) 584-3596.

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