Affordable SEO Software For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs With AI Content

Oct 24, 2023

With Groove SEO, you get cutting-edge AI SEO software that can transform your online presence – and dramatically increase lead generation and sales!

SEO Expertise Without The Expense

Imagine you could have your own in-house SEO expert but without the expense. That's what Groove SEO brings to your business! Discover new content topics, build a custom keyword strategy, improve your existing content, and create keyword-rich blogs with ease.

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Designed to assist small businesses in crafting a localized SEO strategy, Groove SEO can identify optimal keywords and content topics tailored to specific niches. The platform evaluates page speed, technical SEO features, backlinks, content, and other ranking factors before recommending corrective action.

Changing SEO For Small Businesses

On average, SEO professionals bill about $50 to $250 an hour per project, making their services unaffordable for startups and small businesses looking to rank in their local area.

With Groove SEO, you can optimize your website without exorbitant fees or investing in mastering SEO. You need to input product data into the software, and, in return, you'll receive actionable tasks that improve ranking performance and reach.

The software comes with over 50 detailed guides to fixing ranking factors and working with all website builders, including WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. The software also has a ChatGPT-powered content engine to create SEO-friendly blog posts of up to 700 words. You only need to choose the topic and edit or review the post before publishing.

Cost-Effective SEO Solutions For SMBs

Since 2018, Groove has been helping local and national establishments improve their online presence and grow their businesses. The agency, founded by Monster Media and Kelly Myers, focuses on helping small organizations that cannot afford to hire in-house SEO professionals.

"I have been using Groove for a few weeks now, and it has helped me start my SEO journey," wrote client Mark Raffan. "The platform is so user-friendly and guides me through actions that I need to do. It is like having your own SEO sat next to you. Their customer service is amazing, and they are always there to help. The Knowledge Base is a great resource to learn SEO fundamentals. This is the best investment I have made into my business."

Do you want to grow your business with innovative tools that can make you an SEO pro? You're one click away! Visit today!

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