Affordable Healthcare Program With No Exceptions For Pre-Existing Conditions

Nov 26, 2022

We all know that the price of healthcare is getting out of hand but Recession Resister’s LifeExec partnership puts money back into your pocket while giving you access to the best medical care available.

Affordable Healthcare Program With No Exceptions For Pre-Existing Conditions

Are you struggling to meet the costs of medical treatment? You're not alone. Millions of Americans are falling through the gaps in coverage but thanks to Recession Resister's partnership with LifeExec, you can now save thousands of dollars every year on prescriptions, consultations, and treatments with the Advantage Wellness program. Check out the website today to see how you and your family could benefit!

The company is addressing the widening coverage gap in health and wellness protection, offering you, your partner, and any dependents up to and including the age of 26 access to a nationwide network of premium care providers. Recession Resister offers you a full suite of pharmaceutical, dental, vision, telemedicine, and mental health services through its partner's flagship LifeExec Advantage Wellness membership.

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The Recession Resister program supplements and reduces the cost of prescription medications, improves access to medical expertise beyond your home state lines and expedites consultations and appointments for a range of health issues. The company augments the Advantage Wellness plans with expert planning guidance from the responsive customer service team.

The LifeExec Advantage Wellness Pro plans offer you a unique combination of no age restrictions, no restrictions on pre-existing conditions, and no limits on usage. The program gives you a fully transparent solution to meeting the cost of healthcare in the US today with no hidden fees.

The program focuses on maintaining value for consumers in the healthcare space. By eliminating the exorbitant premiums charged by insurance providers, the Advantage Wellness membership supplements standard coverage policies by offering market-leading reductions in the price of treatments and medications.

LifeExec Advantage Wellness provides you with concessions of up to 85% on the price of prescriptions from 60,000 participating pharmacies. Home delivery is also included. You also benefit from a range of preventative services including lab testing (via DirectLabs), diabetic supplies courtesy of Rx Valet, and MRI and CT scans through One Call Medical.

You can access vision care, dental treatment, and pediatric medical services from wherever you are in the country. Doctors are on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure you get affordable care at the point of need without having to wait. The service aims to have an available physician within 15 minutes of your location.

The CEO of Recession Resister, Brian Richards, illustrates with a member's pharmaceutical example, “With health insurance, Sam pays $40 a month for her prescription. She supplements the cost with Advantage Wellness. Now, Sam pays on average $5 per month for her Albuterol prescription.”

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You can't put a price on good health, so why pay more when Recession Resister can help you get massive reductions on quality health and wellness treatments? Talk to the team today.

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