AffiliNinja Unveils Cutting-Edge Software to Replace Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Sep 21, 2023

While Amazon shut discontinued with Native Shopping Ads, AffiliNinja created a new and improved version. More details can be viewed at

In the early days of September, Amazon made a significant move by discontinuing their widely-used Native Shopping Ads, leaving their affiliates in a state of uncertainty. To compound the issue, Native Shopping Ads that were already active on affiliate websites suddenly ceased to function. Fortunately, one forward-thinking company anticipated this shift and devised a solution to address the problem head-on.

After six months of diligent development, AffiliNinja emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a fresh alternative to Amazon's Native Shopping Ads. The primary objective of AffiliNinja's software was to provide a seamless means for users to replace the now-obsolete Amazon Native Shopping Ads, a goal they have successfully realized.

Founder Kurt Chrisler reflects on the motivation behind AffiliNinja: "We recognized the need for a solution with AffiliNinja. In the realm of affiliate marketing, Amazon Native Shopping Ads were a staple. Their discontinuation posed a significant challenge as affiliates now faced the daunting task of replacing all those ads, especially those managing substantial websites or multiple sites."

Enter AffiliNinja, a welcome relief that empowers users to swiftly swap out their Native Shopping Ads with highly-converting AffiliNinja product ads, all in a matter of minutes. AffiliNinja streamlines the process for affiliates and seamlessly integrates with the Amazon Product Advertising API, enabling affiliates to effortlessly pull in Amazon data for ad creation.

Kurt Chrisler adds, "We wanted to provide our customers with more creative freedom in shaping their ads. With AffiliNinja, they have a plethora of options for ad types, each highly customizable—a feature that was previously unavailable with Native Shopping Ads. Our aim was to make using AffiliNinja as straightforward as point-and-click, and I believe we've achieved that."

AffiliNinja takes the form of a user-friendly WordPress plugin compatible with any WordPress website, offering a hassle-free installation process. Users simply upload the software to their site, input their Amazon Associate account details, and they're good to go.

Operating for two successful years, AffiliNinja has already gained a strong following among affiliates. From day one, its mission has been to stand out by enabling affiliates to boost their Amazon commissions through increased click-through rates and higher conversion rates.

Experience the game-changing AffiliNinja software at AffiliNinja Website.

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