Accelerate your Education with a MATLAB Robotics Micromasters Online Certificate

Feb 9, 2021

A new MicroMaster series of courses is being offered by EdX, an online educational platform. The online courses offer flexible course delivery and prepare students for a career in robotics engineering.

If you’re interested in a degree in Robotics, EdX’s MATLAB Robotics MicroMasters series could be for you. Accelerate your education, build towards a bachelor’s or full master’s degree, and land your dream career in the field of Robotics! 

EdX has announced the launch of its MATLAB Robotics MicroMasters Series. The MicroMasters program is offered through, a highly reputable online learning platform for quality education. The courses are designed for you to complete at your own pace leaving plenty of time for your social, work, or family life. 

You can find more information on EdX’s MicroMasters series at:

EdX launched its MicroMasters series to give you a solid understanding of the concepts needed for a career in the field of robotics engineering. After completing the four 12-week courses, you will have mastered the foundational concepts that drive robotics.

Once the certificate is completed, you can apply to the accelerated Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Robotics degree program at the University of Pennsylvania. The MicroMasters’ certificate will count towards 3 out of the 10 required courses for the MSE program.

EdX is a non-profit organization and provides their online courses at no cost. Once completed, you’ll have the option to purchase a Verified Certificate for $447. The sale of these certificates allows EdX to offer educational programs to people all over the world at no cost. The Certificates are signed by an instructor and can be shared on your resume, CV, or posted to employment platforms such as LinkedIn.

The Robotics MicroMaster courses include Kinematics and Mathematical Foundations, Visual Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dynamics and Control, and Locomotion Engineering. You will learn to analyze and apply critical thinking to the fundamental problems in robotics, as well as how to use the industry standard programming environment, MATLAB.

The MicroMasters series covers in-depth material such as robotic vision system design and configuration for safe human interaction, and real-world operations programming, design, and building of locomotive, legged robots. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be armed with a wealth of practical knowledge to advance your degree and career. 

A recent graduate said, “The material I am learning in the MicroMasters program is useful every single day and has helped me become very effective in a leadership role.”

You can complete the courses in your own time and have your certificate in as little as one year with the MicroMasters program. Purchase your Verified Certificate to show off on your resume, CV, and employment platforms!

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in Robotics, visit the URL at the top of the page to find out if EdX’s free Robotics MicroMasters Certificate could be right for you! 

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