5 Device HD Cable & Satellite Movies Sports TV 1000-Channel VIP Pre-Premiere Package Launched

Oct 11, 2017

Looking to provide an affordable on-the-go media package, Universal Digital Media (305) 290-1380, an entertainment specialist based in Florida has launched a VIP pre-premiere deal with HD and SD live streaming from more than 11 countries. See more here visit http://viptv.us

  • 5 device hd cable amp satellite movies sports tv 1000 channel vip pre premiere p
  • 5 device hd cable amp satellite movies sports tv 1000 channel vip pre premiere p
  • 5 device hd cable amp satellite movies sports tv 1000 channel vip pre premiere p

Florida-based, Universal Digital Media, an online entertainment reseller, has launched a VIP pre-premiere HD Cable and Satellite TV package that gives subscribers access to up to 1000 TV channels so they can watch sports, big screen movies and regular TV programs from many devices. Access is on demand and simultaneous for all devices, even those that are mobile such as phones, iPads, and laptops.

More information is available at http://viptv.us.

Recently launched, the VIP pre-premiere package, designed for internet use, gives subscribers access to unlimited streaming from up to 5 devices, which can log in at the same time. As such, this subscription package ends fights over the televison and arguments over who is watching what, and creates a harmonious home environment.

The VIP pre-premiere package gives subscribers access to more than 900 live TV channels from all over the world. These channels include big screen movies, sports, kid’s entertainment and even documentaries.

The package also includes HD and SD streaming, giving subscribers thousands of 'On Demand' options. Customers can pay as they go or take out a reoccurring monthly or annual plan. There are also no long-term lock-in contracts and no activation, cancellation fees or credit checks.

As an internet-based entertainment package reseller, the Universal Digital Media VIP pre-premiere package includes access to HD TV stations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Spain, Pakistan, and Ireland. Many of these stations are leading networks such as Sky and Fox Sports, the ABC, CBS, NBC, and Discovery.

When asked about the launch of the HD package, a spokesperson for the company said, “The development of the internet has given all of us many advantages and now we can significantly benefit and save big bucks. The creation of VIPTV reduces the big four media companies costs considerably, plus we offer a referral bonus to subscribers.”

To find out more about Universal Digital Media, call 305-290-1380 or for more up to date news and latest developments in streaming entertainment visit http://www.vstreamtv.com/vstream.asp.

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