4 Benefits of Your Hotel Wifi

Feb 13, 2020

Ready to Upgrade your Hotel Wifi?
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> Free Internet Equipment. No, really.
> A lifetime warranty you can count on
> Wireless signal tested & guaranteed in every room
> 24/7 Live Tech Support available for your guests
> OVISS WIFI is Cloud Managed

Oviss wifi we have been working with hotels to provide affordable guest wifi solutions for many years. Guess What? NO Contracts! Yes, that right, its a month to month agreement.

You will be happy that switched to OVISS WiFi. https://oviss.co/public-wifi or 844-962-8900.

Hotel Wifi for Your Guests - Free Guest WiFi

Oviss Wifi - Managed Wifi for Hotels

In 2020, having access to fast, stable and reliable wifi has become an expectation for many travelers. Whether for business or pleasure, the average guest is beginning to expect this service as a part of any hotel stay.

A quick scan of leading review sites shows that a lack of reliable and free wifi is one of the most common complaints of many guests. So as a hotel owner you need to understand the impact that this has on your reviews, your customer experience and your bottom line. Many guests don't return back to the hotel to stay again, only because their hotel wifi was poor.

Benefit 1. Customer Data Acquisition

One of the most obvious benefits of a free guest wifi offering is the opportunity to collect valuable insights and marketing opt-ins from your guests. When logging on to your hotels wifi offering, guests will need to fill in some basic details about themselves such as name, email and other contact details. This information, given the right opt-in path, can be used to market to your previous guests, which gives you the opportunity to spread your marketing and promotional messages further.

Benefit 2. Control and Security

When you choose to partner with a Hotel Wifi Solutions expert, such as Oviss wifi you can rest assured knowing that the security of your hotel wifi solution is in safe hands. Setting up and maintaining your hotel wifi solution for your guests can be complicated. With the considerations that need to be made regarding hardware, software, reporting and monitoring as well as the effort that goes into servicing and maintaining the network, smart hotel managers are choosing to upgrade their hotel wifi infrastructure to meet increasing the demand of higher and faster wifi speeds, ability to stream 4k videos from multiple devices.

Benefit 3. Improved Customer Experience

The hospitality industry, possibly more than any other industry, is one that is subject to extreme scrutiny from its customers. Studies suggest that as many as 4 in 5 customers go online to research venues before they book, and online reviews are a key driver in their decision making process. In a hugely competitive market, hotel managers need to be ensuring that they are leading in terms of providing guests with both the amenities and services they expect, and wifi is very much one of them. Many guests don't return back to the hotel to stay again, only because their experience in using the hotel wifi was poor. Which is why oviss wifi guarantee's signal strength in every single room and if they can't achieve the signal strength needed. They will install additional Access Points at no charge to you.

Benefit 4. Customer Engagement

Having a free wifi offering for your customers gives you the opportunity to engage with them on their mobile devices. You can choose what information or services you would like your guests to see when logging on to your wifi, which is a great chance to promote your hotels other offerings as well as any other in hotel services, such as room service. By designing a customer engagement experience that is linked to your hotels full range of services, you will be able to give your hotel the best chance of increasing guest spend during their visit. Best part, you will be able to send an automated survey to each of your guests at the end of their stay, and continue future engagement to re-invite to stay with you based on their last stay. They call it set it and forget it, and OVISS WIFI's Engage tool does all of the work for you. You will be surprised how

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