2023 Private Investigative Technology Software: Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

Jul 21, 2023

As a PI, it can be tough to oversee your cases while also staying on top of your billings and expenditures. CROSStrax aims to make it easier by identifying the features that optimal software solutions should offer. Read this guide today.

Do you have to devote as much time and effort to your search for the right billing and expense-tracking software as you do to your investigative cases?

No need - this new guide by CROSStrax does the hard work for you… so you can focus on your work. Titled 'Billing and Expense Tracking Software for Investigators: Features to Look For,' it's a complete overview of crucial platform capabilities that can help you optimize your private investigative costs, process efficiency, and profitability.

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The guide explores eight essential features of any platform that powers investigative services. Time tracking, expense management, billing customizations, integrations with accounting software, and client management - are all invaluable features. You need them to enable effective financial management, regulatory compliance, reporting, and client communication.

CROSStrax believes that "Investing in the right software allows investigators to focus more on their core work and provide better service to their clients." In a world where financial compliance is paramount, shouldn't your software solutions also support these efforts?

CROSStrax goes on to introduce three features that can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency. Collaborative features such as document and calendar sharing, task management, activity feeds, and real-time notifications can have a material impact on your case resolution times and outcomes.

What's more, robust data security and client confidentiality must undergird the development of any case management platform. They must also translate to compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and all industry and regulatory standards.

You'll benefit from real-time mobile device access if you handle domestic, corporate, legal, or surveillance investigations. CROSStrax recommends this feature so you and your team can log your billable hours, track your expenses, and view reports while on active physical surveillance assignments, training, or traveling.

CROSStrax is a case management platform developed by Patrick Andrews and Rob Seymour, founders of TIG Risk Services, a leading national investigative firm offering surveillance and claims field operations, data support, and risk management services. With CROSStrax, you can be sure your team gets all billables right and is within budget.

You don't need to hire a PI to research this stuff - you just need this CROSStrax guide.

Head to https://www.crosstrax.co/billing-and-expense-tracking-software-for-investigators-features-to-look-for/ to read the guide now.

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