2012 is the Year to Step Into The Thought Leadership Online Course, Break On Through!

Nov 5, 2020

2021 is the year for bold business consultants, top coaches, expert speakers, new authors, innovative startups, and hustle entrepreneurs. Graduates rave about Break On Through, the online thought leadership course: http://bhmedia.co/bot

Are you seeking to have an impact, to make change... consider becoming a Thought Leader! Now offered by Brick House Media Co a bold online course aptly named, Break On Through, with a focus on supporting experts, business consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, aspiring TED speakers, and bold entrepreneurs. The aim of Brick House Media Co is to provide the most relevant and useful information to entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, so they may lead and step into leadership with confidence.

While it may seem unique and niche to some, Brick House Media Co chooses to focus on helping business professionals, experts in their field, people who seek to speak on TED stages. Ideal for emerging thought leaders, people who have or will write a book, men and women who seek to become thought leaders more specifically, because business professionals are often confused and not clear about the path to thought leadership. Perfect for professionals with little to no clear understanding or marketing savvy or a weak brand position. People are seeking a trusted path for emerging leaders, from any niche industry. People and companies who are now starting at any age and any stage in their journeys to becoming leaders. Now is the time to get involved!

While some online courses simply list positive selling points, such as engaging online course content, our holistic hands-on approach to developing professionals as thought leaders is lead by a multimedia marketing pro, Jared Brick of Brick House Media Co. This is great because in just six-weeks he explains his custom development and growth processes. He shares his expert philosophy, including weekly challenges to develop yourself and any business, to step into the spotlight of leadership. The six-week online course with five niche experts is efficient and hyper-effective for growth, as well as personally motivating to students. He is truly inspiring how he delivers this content.

It truly requires focused dedication, some time and your effort, with a sincere drive to make this online program a success to implement real results. It's not quite like others, and a very high-value course, with Jared as the course guide and his four other experts who are top of their fields, and the value is at least 10X times the price. Plus you gain instant and dedicated support 1:1 consultations with the course creator, Jared Brick.

At, Brick House Media Co we endeavor to go one step further in our mission to provide more value to business professionals, experts in their field, people who seek to speak on TED stages, emerging thought leaders, people who may have written a bold book, men and women who want to be thought leaders. Here is what one past graduate had to say about this course.

"Thanks to Jared of Brick House Media for offering this innovative and engaging course. You've been a tremendous support and help to my growth of my company. I now feel that I have real support from a ‘Major Marketing Guru’. Thank you for your time, energy and dedication to our course group." (Angie H., course graduate and now H.R. thought leader)

Brick House Media was founded by Jared Brick, MBA in 2013. The idea for this course arose when he collaborated with four other experts to truly craft this online course, Break On Through, by sharing his custom development process for bold professionals. He created it to leverage highly effective, and highly efficient multimedia as the path forward towards thought leadership. His core work develops new audiences, creatively builds digital media assets including video productions, and produces leadership from any industry, at any age and any stage in your evolution! Learn more about this course and hear more from the latest graduates as reviews. Brick House Media Co and the Break On Through online course can be found at http://bhmedia.co/bot

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