10 Benefits of Participating in a Spell Bee Contest

Jun 19, 2021

Spell Bee contests are a great opportunity for children to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills. It is not only a worthy learning experience but also instills a healthy competitive spirit among children. So grab the opportunity provided by 98thPercentile as they have announced Spell Kahoot 2.0, a Spelling Bee Challenge for children from grade 1 to 6, and win exciting rewards without any participation fee.

Since childhood, we have heard of the ‘Spell Bee Contest‘ in our schools and other online platforms. Every year they would hold a competition, and the qualifying students will get to compete outside the schools with other children at a national and even international level.

A Spelling Bee contest not only provides your child with a worthy educational experience but also instills a sense of healthy competition in them. The ability to memorize difficult English words does not just end by learning their spellings; participants also gain various skills by participating in these contests.

98thPercentile, an e-learning platform, is presenting to you Spell Kahoot 2.0, a Spelling Bee competition for children from Grade 1-6, to instill many benefits arising out of competing in the contest.

Here are a few benefits of participating in a Spelling Bee contest.

1. Brush Up Grammar

On the contrary, to the common notion that Spelling Bee competitions are just about mastering the spelling of a few difficult words, it is a comprehensive learning process that helps the child in their overall development and their command over grammar. It is not just the spelling, but also the learning the definition, pronunciation, and origination of the words.

2. Strengthen Vocabulary

Participating in Spelling Bee competitions helps to enhance the vocabulary of a person. One of the results of a spell bee game is that the participants can gain competence in their reading and writing skills. Once your child becomes aware of the spelling bee words, it becomes easier for them to understand more terms and read and understand the material more clearly.

3. Competitive Spirit

The Spelling Bee competitions teach the children to compete in a healthy, competitive, and sporting environment. It is a stimulating experience that creates a sense of friendly rivalry, increased interaction and cultivating friendships with other participants.

4. Better Knowledge

Learning etymology and the origin of words can help broaden the knowledge base of an individual. It will not only help the children in school but is beneficial lifelong.

5. Greater Cognitive Skills

Contesting in Spelling Bee Competitions can amplify the cognitive skills of an individual. The children learn to work under light pressure, which helps them think and process things faster. Participation in such competitions is beneficial for higher education since it enhances memory and learning skills.

6. Increased Confidence

Learning Spelling Bee words and participating in these contests can boost the confidence of a child. Learning new words and public speaking help to make the child more confident while standing up on stage or talking in public spaces in the longer run.

7. Changed Perspective Towards Life

Children who qualify at lower levels get to compete at national and international levels later. These contestants compete for monetary awards and prizes. These competitions get national coverage all over news and television. All of this helps the children to gain a better perspective towards life, and incorporate valuable life skills, and manage difficult situations with ease.

8. Boosts Memory

Spelling words in spell bee contests can be difficult for the participants. The preparation for these competitions can boost the memory of a child at a young age. Participation in these contests helps in the overall learning of the child.

Learning; all these Spelling Bee difficult words requires the child to focus, which will ultimately help the child to grasp things better and retain them for a more extended period.

9. Rewards for Winning the Competition

One of the best things about top-scoring Spelling Bee competitions is the rewards that it offers. Spelling bee winners usually get scholarships and other monetary prizes, gift cards, and access to free trial classes if they win the competition, even at a lower level.

These competitions are an excellent way to gain scholarships for higher educational purposes in other schools and colleges later.

10. Learn Self-Discipline

Participating in competitions such as Spelling Bee can help the children learn self-discipline. The routine, order, regulation, and control that one needs to prepare for these contests instill a sense of strictness and authority in them that is quite needful at a young age and follows them later into adult life.

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