Zen Windows Boston is Awarded For Taking the Purchase of Replacement Windows in Boston From a High Pressure Process to a Streamlined, Online, No Hassle Process.

Jan 31, 2017

Zen Windows Boston earns the “Super Service Award” by Angie’s List. Because it’s awarded based on actual customer feedback, it’s a very coveted award by competing companies.

  • zen windows boston is awarded for taking the purchase of replacement windows in
  • zen windows boston is awarded for taking the purchase of replacement windows in
  • zen windows boston is awarded for taking the purchase of replacement windows in

Zen Windows Boston LLC, a replacement windows sales and installation company has been recognized by Angie's List as one of Boston's top replacement windows companies. Awarded the "Super Service Award" for the third straight year, Zen Windows Boston is leaving a lasting impression on local Boston metro area consumers.

Matt Rotondi, the owner of Zen Windows Boston explains, "We are taking what has traditionally been an in-home, high pressure process and turning it into a streamlined, online, no hassle method to purchase replacement windows. It's no wonder that Zen Windows Boston's has been recognized by Angie's List as one of their customer favorites. Like the name of the business implies by using the word "Zen," our goal is to bring a level of peace of mind to what has traditionally been a sales gimmick filled, high pressure replacement windows sales process."

Zen Windows Boston has been operating in the Boston replacement windows market since 2013. They compete against notable businesses such as Renewal By Andersen and Window World. Zen Windows Boston has been able to make such a strong impression on the Boston metro market and gain a reputation of excellent customer service for two reasons:

First, Zen Windows doesn't send a salesman to your home because it operates virtually, without a showroom. Because of that, salesman commissions and the high overhead of a physical showroom are not a part of your replacement window cost. What this means to consumers is that Zen can offer top tier windows for a much better price than their competitors.

Second, because of Zen's policy that customers don't pay until they are happy with their windows and installation, customers can be assured that they are not going to get bargain bin windows or inferior installers. If either the window or the installation is second rate, Zen can't expect to get paid.

Matt Rotondi, the Zen Windows Boston owner, spoke about its recent recognition and expanded on some of the decisions and motivations that led the business to the level it's currently reached. He said, “When Zen Windows Boston was founded, I wanted it to be known as the Boston window replacement company with top of the line, high performance windows that makes the buying and installation experience a real pleasure. One of the biggest challenges we faced was overcoming the misconception that a home visit is the only way an accurate quote for replacement windows could be obtained. Fortunately, when people call Zen Windows Boston, they aren't talking to a salesman. The owner is the one who answers the phone and is personally involved in every sale and installation. When consumers realize they are actually talking with the owner of the business, they understand the real investment we have in their replacement window project. It makes a real difference.”

Matt Rotondi hopes Zen's virtual approach to sales of remodeling type home improvements becomes the way everyone expects to purchase such products and services as replacement windows. He reiterated, "There is really only one reason anyone needs to come to your home to give a replacement windows quote. That is to apply sales pressure. Other than that, it's just not necessary anymore."

Zen Windows Boston plans to maintain its position at the forefront of taking what has traditionally been an in-home and high pressure process to a streamlined, online, no hassle method to purchase replacement windows for years to come. Right now, Zen Windows Boston is building on its success, finding new ways to serve its community and customers.

More information on Zen Windows Boston and the replacement vinyl windows it offers can be found at their website: http://ZenWindowsBoston.com

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