Yummy Treats Vs. Verbal Praise: Top Dog Training Techniques Explained By Experts

Dec 18, 2023

If your pooch needs an extra push in terms of incentives, Dog Insider has tips on using food treats and other rewards effectively during dog training sessions.

You've been trying to get Fido to sit and shake paws for weeks now - but to no avail!

What can you do to get your pup to play ball    •literally and figuratively?

If you and your furry buddy need a little extra help in the training department - Dog Insider can help.

The organization's guide focuses on when you should use food for training versus verbal praise or physical contact, how to choose an appropriate treat, mixing high-value and low-value rewards, and healthy food treat options.

Check it out at https://doginsider.com/using-treats-effectively-when-dog-training

Research from the Public Library of Science shows that positive reinforcement during dog training, including the use of rewards like food treats, verbal praise, playing tug-of-war, and petting, is effective in terms of teaching your pet new skills without the use of aversive stimuli. The guide from Dog Insider focuses on the use of rewards systems - particularly food treats - as a way for you to bond with your fuzzy friend while also helping them learn good behavior. “Using treats effectively is the key to making sure that your dog learns quickly and respond appropriately when needed,” says a representative. “Treats can be a great way to motivate and reward your pup when they behave well, but it’s important to understand the right way to use them.”

The guide helps you learn the difference between using food treats as a training reward and as a bribe, noting that treats are used appropriately to reinforce learned skills and obedience, whereas bribes are a way to try to get your canine to behave in a way that they would not normally do.

You'll also find advice on how to choose training treats that are nutritious and non-fattening, but also appealing enough to create a positive association with training exercises, such as liver or cooked chicken as high-value incentives, and pieces of kibble or vegetables as low-value options.

The Dog Insider experts offer guidance on how you can limit the use of treats and use food as a reward in ways that will not disrupt your dog’s focus during a training session.

In addition, the guide contains step-by-step instructions for how to wean your pet off of food treats once the desired skill has been acquired.

The guide to dog training with treats is part of an ongoing series of articles from Dog Insider focused on canine health and wellbeing, designed to help you and your pet thrive across many areas.

Kickstart your doggo's next training session today with helpful tips and techniques from the friendly folks at Dog Insider!

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