Your Private School Can Boost Financial Efficiency With Bill Savings Program!

Mar 8, 2024

If you need to trim overhead costs in your institution, Recession Resister’s Bill Saver tool helps you reduce expenditures and increase financial efficiency.

Running any large institution can be a challenge - cost-cutting is an essential task! To help you increase your levels of financial efficiency, the Bill Saver program from Recession Resister identifies potential areas for utility savings.

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The savings tool includes professional negotiating services for better rates in areas like natural gas, electricity, sewage/waste management, security, water delivery, and pest control.

Stop Overpaying

At a time when utility bills continue to rise through the United States, the Bill Saver tool from Recession Resister highlights the company’s ongoing public awareness campaign to keep you informed of the fact that your organization may be regularly overpaying for services.

Statistics published in the Procedia Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences show that for educational institutions to function efficiently, they must take close account of administration costs and outgoing expenditures. The Bill Saver platform is designed to give you greater control over your level of finances while cutting back on waste.

Enjoy Savings

“It’s common for schools to be overpaying for basic services like internet or phone,” explains a Recession Resister spokesperson. “With Bill Saver’s smart technology and our team of negotiation experts, we ensure your institution is not being overcharged, so you can enjoy significant savings.”

During bill negotiations, the trained negotiating team will contact your utilities providers - including telecom, cellular, and payroll services - to obtain lower rates without making changes to existing service packages.

When lower, more competitive rates for a service are identified with a different company, the Bill Saver energy auto switching function transfers your accounts automatically, without you needing to take any action.

Improve Efficiency

They’ll also perform a bill audit for your private school, which includes a close analysis of past patterns of your spending over several years, with a view towards finding potential refunds and fee reductions due to errors or overcharges. Bill Saver also helps your school analyze energy efficiency, with a review of major appliances like HVAC systems, coolers, and freezers.

In addition, the Bill Saver team gives you advice on tax credits and employee retention strategies, helping to implement more efficient strategies for increased savings over time and reduced turnover rates within your institution.

Start boosting your efficiency levels now with Bill Saver from Recession Resister!

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