Your body deserves healing, trauma informed yoga in Jackson, TN can help you.

Sep 13, 2021

Learn emotional regulation techniques to cope with your past with Fundamental Health Solutions. Contact the practice to register today!

Are you struggling with internalized trauma? Fundamental Health Solutions has therapeutic classes to help you recognize how your past affects your body.

The mental health and integrative medicine practice has announced the release of a new trauma-informed yoga program. The Jackson, Tennessee clinic specializes in women’s health and therapies.

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If you’re facing health challenges or trying to deal with past trauma, this latest announcement will help you access therapeutic support to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Founded by integrative psychotherapist Kimberly Lovelady, Fundamental Health Solutions has become a leading integrative health practice in Tennessee. Inspired by her own experiences of trauma after being diagnosed with BRACA2, Lovelady is dedicated to helping her patients, especially Black women, cope with burnout, menopause, difficult medical diagnoses and mental health issues.

Fundamental Health Solutions’ new trauma-informed yoga classes will equip you with valuable emotional regulation skills by connecting you with your breath and increasing your awareness of your body. The sessions will empower you to recognize how trauma can be felt within your body and use mindful stretching to work through it.

The classes will provide you and other participants with a safe, supportive space to heal from distressing experiences. Classes are led by experienced instructors trained in trauma-informed or trauma-sensitive yoga practices.

The women-only classes are held over a 10-week period. Lovelady recommends that you be enrolled in therapy when you register to ensure you receive the support you need while confronting your past.

Besides offering trauma-sensitive yoga classes, Fundamental Health Solutions also hosts individual therapy sessions, integrative health therapy group sessions and stress relief workshops. This range of options means you’ll be sure to find a class, session or therapy that meets your specific needs.

With this latest announcement, Fundamental Health Solutions reaffirms its commitment to providing women with the support they need to heal from experiences and thrive in their lives. The practice has also developed a strong reputation for its quality therapies and high level of patient care.

A spokesperson for the practice said: “Fundamental Health Solutions help women reverse stress and burnout by building healthy habits so she becomes her strongest physical, emotional, spiritual and mental self. Our new trauma-informed yoga can help patients develop emotional regulation skills and increased bodily awareness.”

Fundamental Health Solutions are the experts you can trust to guide you on your mental health journey. Contact the practice today to find out more.

Are you ready to grow from your past? Go to to register for your first session with Fundamental Health Solutions today!

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