You Can Now Track Your or Other’s Well-Being With Emotional Detection Software!

Jun 7, 2024

Gleenr emotional mapping software can now track health vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate & breathing. The company is developing a tool to supplement existing baby monitors by tracking your baby’s health vitals. Join the waitlist to get access to Gleenr Baby.

80% of our communication is nonverbal. If you struggle with trying to uncover hidden emotional cues during important conversations, the advanced app from Gleenr can help!

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The emotional mapping software provides insights about a particular person or situation by gleaning non-verbal cues, based on facial micro-movements and physical metrics.

Harnessing the power of emerging technology to enhance daily life, Gleenr can track health vitals remotely, including heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing, while also monitoring emotional cues.

Make Informed Choices

According to a recent report from the Journal of Sensors (Basel), the rapid development of information technology and sensors has made it possible for machines to identify and analyze various human emotions. With a recognition of how this data can improve communication, Gleenr’s software offers useful data for you to make more informed choices.

“The results of our measurements, the 'gleen,' can give you some additional insight so you can move forward in a situation with a little more knowledge,” says a spokesperson. “The information Gleenr can provide gives transparency and clarity to make optimally informed decisions.”

Monitor Health & Emotions

Along with physical attributes and changes to pulse, breathing, or blood pressure, Gleenr software tracks eye movements and facial muscles using scanning technology that goes 4 layers deep. Information is analyzed through a 30 second video that is uploaded to the platform.

Once information is scanned from your video, it is applied to an algorithm to determine emotions like sincerity, satisfaction, anger, disgust, stress, excitement, or ambivalence.

The company points out that Gleenr is not a type of facial recognition software and no biometric data is retained. Your video gleens are not shared with any third parties, and all uploads are private and confidential.

Get Greater Clarity

High level business professionals, politicians, journalists, and anyone seeking to assess someone’s emotional state may also benefit from Gleenr, as the software is designed to provide greater clarity and information.

Gleenr offers several different subscription options and the software can currently be tried without charge or obligation. Possible further applications include telehealth, remote patient monitoring, entertainment tracking, remote lie detection, research and education.

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