Yorkshire Best Affordable, Natural-Looking, Undetectable Hair Replacement System

Nov 16, 2023

The hair specialists at New Image Consultants (0113-238-3705) in Yorkshire have a new and improved hair replacement solution for anyone looking for a non-invasive way to get a head of new hair.

Whether you’re dealing with an increasingly dramatic widow’s peak or its more of a classic pattern baldness situation, New Image Consultants knows that hair loss can really ruin your self-image.

That’s why they’re on a mission to restore hairlines and build confidence with their hair replacement solution, which offers you the appearance of instant hair growth. 

Go to https://www.newimageconsultants.co.uk/ to find out more.

According to the latest figures on hair loss from the NHS, hair loss and hair thinning affects 70% of all men by the age of 70, and 50% of all women by the age of 50. With hair thinning and hair loss—especially early hair loss—often associated with low self-esteem, low body image and poor confidence, the team at New Image Consultants appreciates that hair is important. 

However, while there are now estimated to be over 3.4 million surgical hair transplants conducted annually—and an entire snake oil business of ambiguous serums and pharmaceuticals—New Image Consultants’ hair replacements are non-invasive and give you a head of natural-looking hair. 

Using what they call micro skin technology, the hair replacements at New Image Consultants can be thought of as highly sophisticated semi-permanent wigs.

As they explain, “Using samples from your natural hair to match the colour and texture, thousands of individual strands of hair are injected into our innovative ‘second skin’ to replicate your natural hair, achieving the desired direction of growth, shape and density.” 

This second skin will then be affixed to your scalp in the area or areas where you are experiencing hair loss. 

In addition to bringing you a natural and undetectable finish, New Image Consultants recommends their hair replacement system because it avoids the scarring and pain often caused by transplants, and gives you greater custom styling options and more versatility as you age and your natural hair continues to change. 

About New Image Consultants

The owner of New Image Consultants, Fred Berry, is proud to be one of the pioneers of non-surgical, affordable, custom hair replacement systems in the UK. The company has been offering an effective hair loss solution for the men and women of Yorkshire for over 30 years.

A spokesperson for hair replacement specialists said, “Our non-surgical hair replacements are the easiest and most affordable way to restore the look and feel of your natural hair; it provides you with non-invasive, non-surgical options for dealing with your hair loss. Unlike surgical hair transplant procedures, they’re reversible, offer the flexibility to change characteristics as you age and you won’t suffer the pain, discomfort or numerous problems associated with transplant surgery.” 

Whether you want some Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves or Chris Hemsworth-esque luscious long locks, or just to get rid of those bald spots, New Image Consultants is here to give you your hair back.

Visit https://www.newimageconsultants.co.uk/ to find out more about their innovative, custom hair replacement systems.

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