Yonkers Sexual Abuse & Child Molestation Law Firm Helps Victims Report & Sue

Jan 2, 2024

If a child you know has been abused, Abuse Guardian offers legal services in New York, with Kat Thomas, Esq., offering support for survivors of daycare abuse and neglect.

Daycare abuse is devastating when it happens, and you may not know where to turn if your child has become a victim.

To help you move through the process of holding perpetrators accountable, Abuse Guardian's Kat Thomas offers legal support.

Kat's services for abuse survivors and their families include guidance on your rights and the statute of limitations in New York, as well as support in seeking restitution through the civil court system.

Learn more at https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/new-york/daycare-abuse-lawyer-ny

The legal services are a continuation of Abuse Guardian's commitment to helping ensure that you receive legal advice and justice if you've been the victim child sexual abuse or neglect.

Empathetic Advocacy

Recent statistics from Darkness To Light, a victim advocacy organization, show that the rate of molestation and sexual abuse in the state of New York is nearly double the national rate, with numerous instances of abuse or neglect occurring in a childcare setting. With many years of experience in supporting survivors and their families, Kat Thomas and her legal team fight to get you and your child a just outcome.

“I am wholeheartedly dedicated to seeking justice for victims of daycare maltreatment,” says Kat. “My team and I fervently advocate for your well-being and strive to secure compensation.”

A Safe, Confidential Space

Recognizing the complexities and challenges that survivors of child sexual abuse in daycare often face, Kat offers you empathetic, professional legal guidance throughout the process. Her office emphasizes the provision of a safe, confidential space as well as a customized legal strategy.

She works to keep you and your loved ones informed and involved throughout the duration of the legal process, while also collaborating with mental health professionals, support groups, and other social service resources to offer support for your family.

Full Legal Representation

Kat and her team gather key pieces of evidence to substantiate your case, including professional opinions, eyewitness testimonials, and medical records. She is ready to represent you and your child in civil court to help secure restitution.

If you're worried your child or another you know may have suffered sexual abuse or neglect in daycare or another childcare environment, Kat offers a list of resources and signs of abuse on her website. She is available for no-obligation consultations by phone or at her legal office.

Don't wait any longer to start your path to healing and justice - contact Kat and her team today.

Find out more and book your consultation at https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/new-york/daycare-abuse-lawyer-ny

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