Write A Bestseller When You Register For This Coaching Author’s Online Course

Mar 6, 2021

Manifestation expert Peggy McColl is helping entrepreneurs to write a bestseller. Her online training course explains how writing a book can help individuals build brand awareness for their businesses.

Build a solid reputation as an expert, watch your income soar, and attract droves of new clients when you register for Peggy McColl's new online training program that teaches you how to write and market a bestselling book!

Peggy McColl, a New York Times best-selling author, and renowned business, wealth, and manifestation expert, has launched a how to write a book program for consultants, coaches, mentors, and teachers.

Go to https://loacertifycoach.convertri.com/pbook for more info.

The exciting new program has been created to show coaches, teachers, mentors, and entrepreneurs how to write a book. McColl, who has authored 19 books, explains that becoming an author is a reliable way to build credibility and brand awareness. It can be used as a tool to help you market your services and attract new clients.

The program, hosted by McColl, is provided on a complimentary basis and includes step-by-step coaching on how to write, publish, and market a bestselling book. Over the course of the 90-minute video training, you will learn how you can make a profit by writing a book, establish yourself as an expert, and build a positive reputation for your brand.

You’ll also learn how a book can build your profits and make your businesses more discoverable to new audiences by following McColl’s techniques.

As part of the launch, you will learn that the reason most authors fail, is not because writing a book isn’t profitable, but because many authors don’t know how to market their book, and use it as a tool to boost their business. McColl says by attending the program, you can turn a trickle of clients into a steady stream. You can visit the website to register.

Author Arielle Ford says, “Peggy McColl is the gold standard in online book promotion. Sometimes referred to as a “publisher’s secret weapon”, she is a pioneer in online marketing. Her string of successes speaks for themselves.”

Peggy McColl is a coach and author who helps people manifest their personal and professional desires. She has helped many renowned coaches, such as Marci Shimoff and Wayne Dyer, launch successful book campaigns and is known as The Best-Seller Maker. As a manifestation expert, McColl uses her knowledge to help people attract soulmates, secure their dream homes, and build successful businesses.

Are you ready to write a bestseller?

For more information on Peggy McColl and the launch of the best-selling author program visit https://loacertifycoach.convertri.com/pbook

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