World’s First Music Industry Networking App For Hip-Hop Exclusive Live Webinars

Aug 18, 2022

MIDI Innovation is a new social networking hub for hip-hop artists, producers and managers who are looking to make connections and collaborate on a number #1 hit single.

World’s First Music Industry Networking App For Hip-Hop Exclusive Live Webinars

If you’re confident you’re the next Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dog, Post Malone or Nicki Minaj, you’re going to need access to the best of the hip-hop industry to make it to the top. You’re going to need MIDI Innovation.

The app is positioned as the world’s first database catalog for music industry members, and it was designed with the purpose of helping you to make mutually beneficial connections. As a part of their focused expansion into the hip-hop genre, MIDI Innovation is hoping to present both up-and-coming and established artists like yourself with a new repertoire of global connections in what has always been a deeply collaborative genre.

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The launch coincides with the recent findings from Music Week, which show that, on average, it now takes 4.53 writers to create a hit single. With this in mind, MIDI Innovation understands that it takes more than musical talent and grit to have a song written, produced, and released to the right audience. It takes connections.

As such, if you are a music manager, producer, or artist who signs up for their new networking application, you will gain immediate access to their vast and constantly growing global database of your colleagues and contemporaries.

Depending upon the subscription package that you select, you can also have access to MIDI Innovation’s public events, which are to be held around the world, to their monthly interviews, discussion panels, live event streams and exclusive webinars.

In addition, you will gain access to the platform’s unlimited hip-hop midi and audio samples library.

MIDI Innovation is currently working closely with industry figures in the popular international music genres of hip-hop, EDM, dubstep and country music.

In a complex digital musical landscape, it is MIDI Innovation’s mission to bring the music industry and its people closer together. The platform’s brand statement is crafting innovation with every note.

A spokesperson for the app said, “MIDI Innovation is a privately owned platform that was designed to build the world’s largest entertainment business network. This is a dedicated platform that allows a user to build a business network whilst locating sourcing opportunities on a network that can focus marketing dollars and expenses as an independent company or incorporation.”

If you’ve got a kernel of a big hip-hop hit on your hands, find your next collaborators on MIDI Innovation.

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