Workplace Password Policies: Special Characters & Length Best Practices

Oct 16, 2023

If you’re concerned about data loss, Cybersecurity Caucus guides you through best cybersecurity practices for small businesses – including how to set strong passwords for maximum protection.

Being a small business owner has enough challenges without having to worry about the threat of cybercrime.

If you have sensitive customer data to protect, make sure your team is up to date with strong password policies!

Cybersecurity Caucus offers resources and advice to help you guard valuable information and reduce the threat of cyberattacks.

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With cyber threats presenting an increasing problem for small business owners around the world, the 2023 guide from Cybersecurity Caucus provides explanations of why strong passwords are an essential component of your business's security best practices.

A recent article published in Cybernews shows weak passwords are a common factor in major hacking incidents around the world, including a 2018 attack on the Northern Irish parliament and a 2020 incident involving the Canadian Revenue Agency, in which 11,000 user accounts with highly sensitive data were compromised. The Cybersecurity Caucus guide helps you ensure your data remains secure behind strong barriers. “If you feel like your online security may be flimsy, you can fortify your online presence and protect your personal information through simple guidelines and effective strategies,” says a company spokesperson.

Acknowledging that many people tend to choose passwords based on things that are easy to remember and often relate to aspects of their personal lives, the guide explains how such simplistic methods leave your business open to attack and goes on to suggest alternatives, such as instating password policy enforcement guidelines for your team.

You'll gain an understanding of the mechanisms behind strong password policies, such as complexity and length, minimum character requirements, and the importance of selecting unique passwords for each online account.

The Cybersecurity Caucus experts also outline the role of special characters, especially the way in which the incorporation of symbols can help protect against brute force attacks.

In addition, the guide discusses the importance of two-factor authentication in supporting strong passwords and providing an additional layer of security for your business, while offering a list of best practices that can be implemented throughout your organization. This includes regular password updates, the use of password managers, finding a balance between user experience and cybersecurity, and implementing password policies for all users in a business setting.

Keep your business safe and secure online with tips from Cybersecurity Caucus!

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