Woodbury, MN Dental Clinic Offers Digital Smile Design For Tooth Restoration

Nov 27, 2023

Are you looking for first-rate teeth replacement? Imagine this: a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smile you can see without the wait. At Imagine Your Smile (303-684-9777), you can sit back, relax, and watch your dream come to life with advanced solutions that won’t leave you guessing!

Dental innovation has come a long way.

Nowadays, you can transform and elevate your smile aesthetics to suit your exact desire!

Thanks to Digital Smile Design — revolutionary 3D software — you can receive more accurate restorations with fewer appointments, adjustments, and chair time.

We all know that getting dental implants is a huge decision, oftentimes one filled with apprehension and uncertainty about its outcome.

Imagine Your Smile takes away that stress by allowing you to envision your treatment results before making any commitments. Not only that, they also let you customize your treatment to design your dream smile and see the end result in motion with a video of you talking and laughing. Pretty cool, right?

What's more, the clinic uses a series of high-tech devices, including digital X-rays, intra-oral scanners, and 3D printers, to give you that perfect, radiant smile.

Head to https://www.imagineyoursmile.com/digital-smile-design for details!

Life Is Better In 3D

The Digital Smile Design process begins with a consultation where a treatment plan is customized after an in-depth discussion of your smile goals. Once completed, the team will take digital photos and videos of your face as you talk, smile, and laugh. This allows digitally created new teeth to be superimposed over the existing ones, providing you with a clear visual of the treatment effects.

Apprehensive that your new teeth won't completely match the originals? No worries! Imagine Your Smile uses digital photography to custom-match the shade of the restored teeth with your existing ones — another concern eliminated.

Let's Get Detailed

Next, utilizing an intra-oral scanner (IOS), they'll scan your teeth and jaws and use a facial scanner to replicate your entire face. This data is then combined to produce your virtual likeness.

The IOS scan also allows for a detailed replication of your teeth, which is 3D printed in-office. With IOS scanning, there are fewer errors and uncertainties as the dental team can re-scan and re-plan before the final implant stage, producing teeth that look and fit great.

The clinic uses the Digital Smile Design software for both its restorative and cosmetic services. Whether you want to get crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, full-mouth dental implants, or a smile makeover, the software will help you see your new smile before treatments begin.

Interested in a makeover? Visit https://www.imagineyoursmile.com/smile-makeover for more information.

“I went to see Dr. Wilhelm after spending three years trying to get a decent set of dentures for my implants. I honestly expected to be disappointed again. I was so wrong. Dr. Wilhelm did the most amazing job. I feel like I won the lottery. I look like me again for the first time in years. I am so happy I cried. Every person in that office is so kind. For the first time in my life, I look forward to going to the dentist,” a satisfied patient said.

The Man Behind Your Smile

Imagine Your Smile was established in 2003 by Dr. Mark W. Wilhelm DMD, MSD, a specialist prosthodontist with over 30 years of cosmetic, restorative, and advanced dentistry experience in Woodbury, MN, and the surrounding areas. With a focus on cutting-edge cosmetic solutions, dental implants, and maxillofacial tissue engineering, Dr. Wilhelm actively stays abreast of the latest dental technologies, specifically those related to digital advancement in dental implant surgery and prosthetics.

Digital Smile Design not only lets you envision your treatment outcome, but it also helps to greatly improve your diagnosis and treatment planning. So, why wait? Give Imagine Your Smile a call today, and get it right the first time!

You can also check out https://www.imagineyoursmile.com to learn more.

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