Wonders Of The World Holidays: Secret Travel Site With Booking At Agency Rates

Mar 21, 2024

Seeing the Wonders of the World tops many travelers’ bucket lists, but the price tag makes visiting even one of these celebrated sites difficult. Travorium, a secret travel booking site, offers members-only prices for lodging, rental vehicles, and excursions to the globe’s most famous destinations.

Multiple lists compile celebrated sites for outstanding architectural and natural beauty, calling them the Seven Wonders of the World. These destinations span continents and climates, but they all have one thing in common: visiting them is unaffordable to most. Wondering if you'll be able to visit any of these bucket-list marvels? Travorium, a little-known travel booking site, makes it possible to see these locations before, well, you know...

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Wonderful Destinations

The Seven Wonders of the World span cultures and continents, such as the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, and Machu Picchu in Peru. This list of "modern" wonders was officially completed in 2007. Voters whittled it down from a compilation of roughly 200 significant monuments worldwide.

Some may prefer to view the world’s most celebrated natural wonders. The project to name the top Seven Natural Wonders gained traction after the modern wonders campaign. While the modern wonders list consists of architectural achievements, the natural wonders compilation includes geological formations like the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, or the Grand Canyon in the United States.

The original Seven Wonders of the World, compiled by Greek travelers in the first century B.C., will be a little harder for you to visit. The Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, is the only one still standing, though the locations where others stood are marked. But even these spots may be unattainable to you and other history buffs at retail travel prices.

Less-Than-Wonderful Prices

The retail travel market is dominated by a handful of familiar sites, which are known to inflate travel costs to grow their bottom lines. But Travorium eliminates unnecessary fees and costs to offer lodging, cruises, rental cars, excursions, cruises, and more at prices typically only available to travel agents.

Travorium members use travel points to lower rates at more than 2,000 resorts around the world. Popular destinations include Bali, Martinique, the Mexican Riviera, and Venice, Italy. Some travel for up to 70 percent off of retail travel costs - and earn money while doing it, according to company officials.

Wondering How They Do It?

“Travorium offers a global business opportunity that empowers people to live a better life,” a company representative said. “You can partner with us and by helping others to do the same, you’ll be able to realize your dreams and enjoy the lifestyle, fun, and freedom that you might never have thought was possible before now.”

Travorium’s unique network model allows members to build income anywhere for travel expenses and more from their mobile devices. Its revolutionary peer-to-peer design lets you earn points to reduce your travel costs and income as your network grows.

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