Winter-Scene Shower Curtain with Poem: Jazz Singer Makes Artistic Bathroom Decor

May 30, 2024

Get a truly unique shower curtain to decorate your bathroom with from Sarah James Jazz Merch. In the new collection of artistic bathroom decor, you can find a beautiful photograph of a snowy forest with a poem.

Designer Shower Curtains That Stand Out From the Crowd

Are you a go-big or go-home kind of person when it comes to home decor? Then you'll be delighted to see Sarah James Jazz Merch's line of shower curtains!

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If you want to give your bathroom a seasonal theme, you can now find a range of durable shower curtains designed by jazz singer Sarah James. The collection spans from spring to winter-themed items and more, with something for every season and taste.

How a Jazz Singer Became a Designer

Sarah launched her e-commerce brand, Sarah James Jazz Merch, during the pandemic when concerts and gigs were restricted. With a long interest in photography, Sarah got the idea to make her hobby into a business, resulting in unique, artistic collections like the line of shower curtains.

"I have always loved taking photos. I love nature photography and catching flowers, the woods, bees, the sky, sunsets, and the snow," Sarah said. "I created a whole line of shower curtains because I wanted a big space to show off the gorgeous colors and interesting shapes of nature."

Beautiful Snowy Shower Curtain with Poem for Winter Feels

Among the shower curtains, one featuring a photo of a snowy forest in Hudson Valley stands out. The winter scene depicts a deep forest with snow-covered trees and ground, reminding of a winter afternoon walk after a heavy snowfall. At the bottom, Sarah has added a snippet from one of her poems: "Nature Knows Her Mind, She Understands the Breath of Life. She Changes Colors Every Day. She Grows New Shoots. Under the Snowy Moon, She Life Carries On…"

More Shower Curtain Designs by Sarah James

Other photographs that you can find in the collection are of colorful spring bouquets, vibrant perennials, wild animals, and summer landscapes. Another standout item is a photo of a NYC mural that combines Sarah's talent for street photography, creative graffiti art, and an empowering message.

The shower curtains are made from durable polyester that can be machine-washed and can be ordered as 71-inch x 74-inch. More than a shower curtain, Sarah suggests other creative uses, like a room divider, wall decoration, or photo background.

About Sarah James

While primarily a jazz singer, Sarah James is a multi-faceted artist who composes music, writes poetry, and is currently working on a documentary about jazz musicians. In Sarah James Jazz Merch store, shoppers can find a collection of NYC street art on T-shirts, floral biodegradable phone cases, Hindu-inspired items, and more.

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