Winnipeg Artificial Turf Installation: Get Kentucky Blue Lite & Lemongrass Lawns

Feb 21, 2024

Has your Winnipeg lawn taken a beating this winter? Then why not switch to an artificial grass lawn from experienced Toronto-based synthetic turf installer Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296)?

When winter comes you need to have a lawn that is up for the many challenges it presents, and that's exactly what Lazy Lawn provides! They'll set you up with an affordable artificial grass solution that requires no mowing, fertilizing, watering, or maintenance. The company offers four different types of turf all with different blade colours, shapes, thatches, and pile heights.

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Built For The Weather!

Winnipeg’s harsh winter conditions can wreak havoc on natural grass lawns, leaving them discoloured, gouged, flattened, and oversaturated. As a result, many people are switching to more durable artificial grass applications designed to withstand adverse weather. These are the kinds of solutions that Lazy Lawn offers.

“Our artificial grasses are designed to look, feel, and function just like natural grass,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “They’re able to endure the harshest temperatures and most punishing weather conditions and still have you guessing whether or not they are real.”

Several Options To Choose From!

Lazy Lawn’s most affordable artificial grass option is its yellow and green Spring Fescue, which is a lower-density turf with thin yet robust blades. Slightly more expensive, but still reasonably priced, are its Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, and Natural Fescue options, which are denser and therefore a little more durable and cushiony.

When installing each artificial turf variety, Lazy Lawn follows a simple five-step process that ensures optimal performance and drainage. First, they prepare the native soil or substraight, levelling it and removing any impediments to installation. Next, they layer four levels of material on top of one another, including a Weed Barrier, a 3-4” High-Performance Bedding, an OptiFILL Artificial Infill, and finally, the artificial turf itself.

So Many Benefits!

Artificial grass offers numerous benefits, primarily reduced water consumption as it eliminates the need for constant watering. It also requires minimal maintenance, saving you both time and resources that you would typically spend on mowing, fertilizing, and pest control. Additionally, artificial turf has been proven to improve curb appeal and increase property values.

Most clients get artificial grass for their lawns; however, you can also use it for landscapes, hardscapes, playgrounds, terraces, and pet play areas. Synthetic turf has also become the preferred grass option for sports fields, driving ranges, putting greens, tennis courts, and lawn bowling squares.

“From the very start of our artificial turf installation project, Lazy Lawn was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable,” said a satisfied client. “They delivered a quality product on time and on budget. Now we’re the only people in Winnipeg that have green grass all year round. Plus, no watering, maintenance, or weeds.”

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