Window Cleaning Supplies Store In New Jersey Sells Squeegees & Ladders

May 23, 2023

Looking for the best cleaning tools for perfectly polished, smudge-free windows? Head to J Racenstein NJ – the professionals’ favorite supplier since 1909.

Whether you’re a professional window cleaner or you just need to clean your own windows, the right tools and cleaning products are essential for keeping your glass gleaming!

And if you’re cleaning at height, the importance of having appropriate safety gear can't be overstated.

From window cleaning kits to the best scrubbers, rubber replacements, T-bars, and safety materials, J Racenstein NJ is your one-stop shop for every cleaning job, however big or small!

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Established for over a century, J Racenstein NJ maintains relationships with several leading product brands, such as Unger, Pulex, and Ettore.

You can find the JRC Window Cleaning Kit containing over 20 items. Its highlights include 6 to 18-inch t-bars, washer sleeves, brass channels, a rubber grip scraper, and a Garelick 12 ft. 3-section Quicklock Pole. The kit also includes training materials - How to Clean Windows Like the Pros and The Window Cleaning Business Book.

For an advanced starter set, J Racenstein NJ recommends the NINJA Transformer Limited Edition Cleaning Kit, which features high-precision, ergonomically designed hand tools, a plastic scraper, a 5ft carbon fiber traditional pole, and 10 microfiber logo cloths.

In the accessories range, J Racenstein NJ offers cleaning professionals specialized tools to achieve optimal results in diverse building environments. Surfaces such as glass, metal, and tile require different cleaning materials to successfully remove dirt without causing damage. Therefore, the store provides a wide variety of appropriate scrubbers and polishing pads for each type of surface.

If you live or work in hard water areas, mineral deposits can cause glass streaks and stains that can only be removed with specific products. J Racenstein NJ recommends Mr. Hardwater powder, liquid glass polish, and glass sealer, for enhanced protection against hard water buildup.

Necessities such as buckets and brushes are available together with sectional ladders for easy transportation. The store also carries apparel for indoor and outdoor environments including gloves and protective coveralls in sizes up to XXL.

About J Racenstein NJ

J Racenstein NJ’s business started from the founder’s Manhattan apartment in 1909 and expanded to the Cable Building in New York. Today, the company operates from 2 warehouses in New Jersey and California. It also provides safety training and educational courses to support the industry.

A satisfied customer said: “JRC is my go-to shop for many of my supplies. I have been using them for decades and would highly recommend them.”

For the best window cleaning tools and accessories you need, head to J Racenstein NJ today!

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