Winch Style Grille Guard For Ford F-650 Trucks Offers Easy Hood Access

Apr 22, 2024

Looking to enhance your Ford F-650’s durability and ruggedness? Go Industries’ (800-527-4345) tilt-body grille guard is the perfect addition to your medium-duty pickup truck!

Go Industries’ grille guards are a game changer for medium-duty truck owners. With forward articulation for easy hood access, 16.5k winch accommodation, and no-cut, no-drill installation, this awesome accessory will ensure your truck is ready for any challenge on the road!

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Specially designed by Go Industries, the tilt-body grille guard is compatible with medium-duty trucks such as the Ford F-650, Ford F-750, Chevrolet C4500, Chevy 6500, and international CV515.

Installation Made Simple

For ease of installation, the truck accessory can be mounted without cutting or drilling. Fully welded together with headlight brush guards, it fastens to the vehicle with OEM-style latches at either side. Clevis pins are also provided for additional security and to prevent unwanted movement.

The Perfect Fit For Your Medium-Duty Truck

As Go Industries explains, medium-duty trucks pose a unique challenge when installing traditional grille guards due to their forward-opening hoods. Described as a first-of-its-kind, the company’s tilted design enables you to access your hood without hindrance. In addition, it can accommodate a winch tray with a 16.5k winch capacity for towing, recovery, and heavy-duty hauling.

Unmatched Durability & Aesthetic Appeal

To safeguard vehicles from debris, branches, and low-speed impact, the ET004 grille guard’s center screen is made from laser-cut, 18-gauge material. Furthermore, the part comes in a black textured powder coat finish enhancing its resistance to the elements and aesthetic appeal.

Bump Up Your Safety

If you need to replace your bumper, Go Industries also offers Pro Series one-piece replacements constructed from 7-gauge smooth steel. Suitable for on and off-road use, this system includes a grille guard with 5/6” laser cut uprights and two 2.5” schedule 40 pipes with four auxiliary light tabs. Available in a wrap-around format, the Pro Series Bumper Replacements are coated in the company’s Ultimate Armour for maximum protection.

Founded in 1978, Go Industries is known as an innovator in the truck accessories and law enforcement equipment market. All its products are made in state-of-the-art facilities in Richardson and Clifton, TX utilizing computer-controlled equipment and robotic welding machines.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Always the industry innovator, Go Industries invented the original ‘tilt body grille guard’ with its revolutionary forward articulation allowing for a robust winch-enabled system to be installed on medium duty trucks that previously had no grille guard options.”

For the frontline defense you need for your Ford F-650, call Go Industries today at 800-527-4345!

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