Wilmington, NC Daycare Sexual Molestation Specialist Lawyer Helps Survivors Sue

Nov 20, 2023

If a child close to you has been sexually abused in a daycare, Abuse Guardian provides legal services in Wilmington, NC, with Kristen Beightol, Esq., offering support for survivors of daycare abuse and their families.

You never dreamed that the people you trusted to care for your child would harm them: but the unthinkable happened.

The effects of daycare sexual abuse and molestation can be overwhelming, but there's help and hope from Abuse Guardian, the national alliance of sexual abuse attorneys.

Kristen Beightol, Esq., offers legal guidance on your rights and the North Carolina statute of limitations, as well as assistance in seeking compensation for harm caused through the civil court system.

Learn more at https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/north-carolina/daycare-abuse-lawyer-nc

As the appointed Abuse Guardian for North Carolina, Kristen and her experienced legal team advocate for your rights and offer compassionate support.

According to statistics from Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, the maltreatment of children at the hands of caregivers - including daycare facility staff - is sadly common, with around 117,268 reports of possible abuse and neglect recorded in the state in a single year. With guidance from Kristen Beightol and her team, you and your child can get the justice you need to start the process of moving on with your lives. “My team and I are resolute in our commitment to advocating for the rights of survivors,” says Kristen. “We comprehend the intricate, sensitive nature of these cases and offer unwavering support throughout the legal journey.”

If your child has suffered sexual abuse or molestation in a daycare setting, Kristen offers advice on how to start the process of restitution through a civil suit, while also giving compassionate legal support for your family and gathering key pieces of evidence to support your unique case.

Kristen advises you and your loved ones on your legal rights, the different types of sexual abuse that may occur in a childcare environment, and how you can claim compensation for emotional damages, medical expenses, therapy costs, and lost income.

In addition to helping you and your child get justice, Kristen’s team also works to hold perpetrators and institutions accountable, helping to ensure that abusers are stopped and are unable to harm other families.

If you're concerned that a child close to you has been abused in a daycare facility, Kristen’s website also provides a detailed list of signs and red flags, including physical injuries, behavioral changes, unexplained crying, and age-inappropriate actions.

You're not alone - get legal support and assistance today from Kristen Beightol and the Abuse Guardian team.

Book your no-obligation consultation with Kristen at https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/north-carolina/daycare-abuse-lawyer-nc

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