Wilburton, OK Pest Control: Get Rid Of Roaches, Mice & Rats In Your Home Fast

Apr 13, 2022

No more Mr. Mice guy! Time you taught those varmints a lesson! Call Mike’s Pest Control (918-423-2458) today because a clean home is a healthy home. It’s all about peace of mind!

Wilburton, OK Pest Control: Get Rid Of Roaches, Mice & Rats In Your Home Fast

Honestly, do your bed bugs have any redeeming qualities? Sure, maybe your daughter likes pet mice, but really, there's a limit! Cockroaches? Once considered indestructible, they will be banished from your life forever by this team!

The company, which has been servicing the McAlester, Oklahoma area since 1999, now offers general pest control for nuisances such as roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, rats, and scorpions with the aid of the most effective, human-safe chemical solutions available and the most up-to-date technology in pest and turf control management.

Check it out at https://mpcpestcontrol.com

Mike’s Pest Control, staffed by highly trained, certified, and experienced pest control technicians, now also provides customized weed control services for your property, whether it's home or business. Additionally, the firm offers season-based lawn care solutions to promote a healthier base.

As public health and sanitation concerns have increased since the pandemic, so have anxieties about pests and their impact. The treatment of specific insect species that are known to be hazardous to human health is referred to as pest control. The global market for pest control - which includes both products and services - is expected to top $30 billion by the end of the decade, growing at over five percent annually. In Oklahoma - and the U.S. as a whole - climate changes and more variable weather patterns can result in an unexpected proliferation of pests, which thrive at higher temperatures. Furthermore, bed bugs, cockroaches, house flies, and other pests typically feed off of and so live among humans.

Mike’s Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest management treatment on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. The company initiates the process by spraying the baseboards - crack and crevice treatment - to exterminate the insects inside, and does an exterior base treatment, except when moisture is present. The chemicals applied are low odor and highly effective, killing on contact and allowing for residual pest control.

A minimum of four monthly treatments are required for all roach infestations. You will typically observe more roach activity than ever following the initial treatment of roaches due to the chemicals used. Additional exterior power spray treatments will be necessary for ant control.

To stay up to date on the latest chemicals, legislation, and regulations, the company's technicians are obliged to attend pest control industry continuing education classes. In addition, the firm uses cutting-edge insect control and lawn care technology.

Mike’s Pest Control also offers termite control services, employing state-of-the-art technology to create a protective zone around your property.

One customer commented: "I highly recommend Mike's Pest Control. The staff is all friendly, helpful, and professional. The service is great, they are always on time, if not early. They do a thorough job and address your concerns promptly - A+."

Consider the heat. Consider the bugs. And if you don't mind the nuisance - or the occasional insect in your soup - consider your health!

Go to https://mpcpestcontrol.com and see for yourself why Mike's is the best game in town for your pest control and lawn care needs!

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