Wichita Sex Trafficking Attorney Fights For Restitution & Victim Compensation

Nov 17, 2023

Abuse Guardian, the only national alliance of sex abuse lawyers, is pleased to announce that Reed Martens is now representing the survivors of sex trafficking in Wichita and Kansas and helping them sue their abusers.

Reed Martens, Esq. wants to end the scourge of sex trafficking and bring its victims true justice.

Mr. Marten takes on cases related to sex trafficking and is in a position to legally represent survivors like yourself, helping you sue your abusers for fair restitution and compensation. Reed Martens, Esq. prides himself on providing compassionate and committed advocacy and support to the victims of sexual abuse, and he is pleased to now be bringing his expertise and dedication to the fight against sex trafficking in the state of Kansas. 

Go to https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/kansas/sex-trafficking-lawyer-ks/ to find out more.

Sex trafficking is a grave issue that demands legal expertise and an empathetic approach, and Mr. Martens is well-equipped to handle these challenging cases. His decision to extend his practice to include sex trafficking cases reflects his commitment to addressing the profound impact trafficking has had on people like you and his acknowledgment of its growing prevalence in communities in Wichita and throughout Kansas. 

As the latest figures from anti-trafficking NGO DeliverFund reveal, sex trafficking is on the rise across the world and is also an increasingly profitable industry for traffickers, with human traffickers in the US alone profiting over $975 million dollars last year. 

Reed Martens, Esq. understands that, if you are a survivor of sex trafficking, you have already undergone an ordeal so dehumanizing and horrific that most people could never imagine it. And that the thought of coming up against your abuser, who likely wields both power and money - and likewise against the web of businesses and organizations that were complicit with or facilitated your trafficking - undoubtedly seems incredibly daunting. However, he stresses that you can obtain justice and reparations through a civil litigation suit and he is confident that he can match the legal power of any abusive individual or organization. 

In his role as Abuse Guardian’s appointed sexual abuse lawyer in Kansas, Martens has successfully represented numerous clients in civil court, securing justice, restitution, and compensation for the survivors of sexual abuse. His dedication to protecting the rights of sex abuse victims has earned him a reputation as a tireless and fearless advocate. 

Mr. Martens said, “If you or someone you know is a survivor of sex trafficking in Kansas, contact us for a confidential consultation. I am here to listen, understand your circumstances, and provide the legal guidance needed to obtain justice. Together, we will stand strong and work towards a future free from the horrors of sex trafficking.” 

While Mr. Martens cannot undo what has happened to you, he can work hard for you to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Visit https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/kansas/sex-trafficking-lawyer-ks/ to see why you should consider suing your abuser for fair compensation.

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