Why This Brantford Orthodontic Clinic Offers Early Treatment & Braces for Kids

Jul 5, 2024

Get early orthodontic treatment for your child at Schacher Orthodontics (519-752-0990) in Brantford! Whether it’s overcrowded teeth, crossbites, or other jaw misalignments, this clinic offers free consultations and professional dental care.

Proactive Orthodontic Treatment for Children in Brantford

Do you have a young child and started to notice that their jaw looks like it's not developing like it should? Don't wait around for it to get worse, and schedule a free examination at Schacher Orthodontics in Brantford!

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Schacher Orthodontics offers consultations to catch and intercept imbalances. By suggesting a treatment plan in the early stages of jaw development, Dr. Schacher aims to reduce the need for advanced procedures further down the line.

Early Treatment Reduces Need for Surgery

As explained by Dr. Schacher, children aged six and over have a growth window before the permanent teeth are fully set that can utilized to redirect an imbalanced jaw. Early treatment helps the orthodontist achieve facial harmony and a healthy bite without the need for surgery.

"Early diagnosis and treatment can guide erupting teeth into a more favorable position, preserve space for permanent teeth, and reduce the likelihood of fracturing protruded front teeth," a spokesperson for the clinic said.

Start Treating Most Orthodontic Issues Before 7

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, parents should aim to schedule the first visit with an orthodontist before their child turns seven if any irregularities have been noticed. Some issues orthodontists can treat when there are still baby teeth left include underbite, crossbite, overcrowded teeth, and missing teeth.

Different Phases of Orthodontic Treatment in Young Children

Schacher Orthodontics has an Orthodontic Supervisory Program, keeping patients who aren't ready for treatment under watch while their teeth and jaw develop. Young patients who get early treatment typically have a first and second phase, with the first building the foundation and the second being focused on teeth alignment, typically with braces.

Orthodontic Services for Adults

The clinic also offers orthodontic treatments to adults. Many people appreciate the option to choose clear aligners, a discreet alternative to metal braces that don't interfere with their daily lives.

A patient shared their experience: "Probably one of Brant County's true gems. From the other orthodontists I've checked out in the area, none compare to Dr. V. Truly one of the most knowledgeable and outgoing doctors I have met."

About Schacher Orthodontics

Schacher Orthodontics has three locations in Brantford, East Hamilton, and Simcoe. The Brantford office recently had a makeover and now has a 27-seat movie theatre and a quiet reception with a fireplace for parents who are waiting for their children.

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