Why Rereleasing This Book was Necessary for Suicide Prevention

Oct 6, 2020

October is the month we focus on learning emotional intelligence and teaching healthy emotional wellness. This book will motivate you to reconsider how you respond to stress and trauma in a proactive way.

You may know me from singing in male R&B group Prophet Jones by my stage name “KD,” but today I go by Clarence McNair, Jr, best selling author of book “Give It One More Try.” Dedicated to all of the overcomers in the world, this book will shift your mind from that one negative thought seeking to alter your life. I share the different experiences I encountered while working as a national recording artist, and how I overcame my anxiety disorders after losing my record label deal for second album in 2002. For years, I suffered greatly from panic attacks and other difficulties. This book is my testimonial documenting my road to recovery, and how changing my perspective led to a restored way of living.

Over the years, I’ve learned how my feelings played an extreme role in my everyday living until it is challenged with hardships that mentally broke me down. My book is for anyone who is in a rough place and have been unable to get ahead. Written to shed light on the importance of mental fitness, it’s important to not put energy into the fear of failure. The depths of my early traumatic experiences helped me find other ways to push for the life I have now.

I’m an East Baltimore, Maryland native born and raised in the neighborhood of Patterson Park. Born with a collapsed kidney, I was conditioned at an early age to fight for survival. I faced many common disadvantages of being fatherless, with an environment surrounded by family members with emotional disorders, financial hardships, frail mental conditions, extreme crimes and drug addicts. In a society where suicide and mental health disorders are at an all-time high, I know how important it is to invest in our body and our mind before anything else. Many don’t realize that not admitting to needing help is the first sign of self-neglect. I wanted to reverse this by opening up about the trials I’ve faced, while revealing how I learned not to become my own enemy when battling with emotional trauma.

While reading the latest research, I discovered that thoughts of suicide among U.S adults increased by 11% during the pandemic. They also reported how COVID-19 has led to a considerably elevated adverse mental health condition. Advocates and doctors say suicide prevention awareness is key right now. My goal of re-releasing this book is to provide resources to others seeking to learn and practice both healthy emotional intelligence and wellness, which is nationally observed during the month of October. My message “it’s worth challenging yourself to give it one more try before throwing in the towel.”

Even through the years of silence, I kept my faith in the midst of darkness. Today, I’m known as a serial entrepreneur, celebrity brand architect, and motivational speaker who is now a recognized author by Baltimore City 51st Mayor Bernard C. Jack Young. Ultimately, “Give It One More Try” is a manual to teach you how to bounce back from nothing. Available online at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Walmart, Audible and local bookstores. Follow my social media @therealkdmcnair and @mcnairbooks or visit www.mcnairbooks.com for book updates.

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