Why Automatic Brewing Systems Are Making Brewhouses More Profitable

Jun 7, 2021

To make sure your brewhouse is running efficiently, start looking into automatic brewing systems. Specific Mechanical Systems ensures that automatic brewing has never been easier with SpecBrew.

There’s been a shift in brewery practices where automated brewing systems are being used more often. Automatic brewing is different from hands-on brewing in the sense that the use of software and hardware are controlling and adjusting the brewing process rather than the brewmaster manually doing so.

There are pros and cons for each type of brewhouse management, but when it comes to streamlined, efficient, and profitable brewing operations — an automated beer brewing system is the way to go. Especially if that automatic brewing system is SpecBrew from Specific Mechanical Systems

But it’s important to review the general usage of automated brewing systems before establishing the best one in particular. 

What is automated beer brewing?

Automated brewing systems (also known as brewery automation systems) are a way to manage your brewing system process by utilizing technology to do so. This allows for efficient changes to be made and necessary updates to be established with either the touch of a button or a pre-set computer that understands your brewhouse as well as you do. 

Is automatic brewing better than a brewhouse strictly run by hand?

As noted previously, there are pros and cons to both ways of operating a brewhouse. 

For thousands of years, beer has been made completely by hand. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century where the establishment of brewery automation became normalized and well-accepted in brewhouses worldwide. Not only does automatic brewing make the brewing process more efficient and consistent, but it also saves a large amount of time and money spent on labor. Essentially, an automatic brewing system is a hands-free system, so the brewmaster can spend more time tending to other responsibilities. 

Does it matter what size brewery you have to operate as an automated brewing system?

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to brewery automation. While the implementation of automatic brewing is more widespread amongst larger beer producers, it’s also beneficial for craft and microbreweries. 

Specific Mechanical Systems designs, manufactures, and builds brewing systems in the 5-100 barrel size range. No matter the size, they offer the customized installation of SpecBrew — their automated brewing system that revolutionized brewery automation. 

What is the automatic brewing system SpecBrew?

SpecBrew is a sophisticated and user-friendly automatic brewing system for sale through Specific Mechanical Systems. With over thirty years of industry experience, this specialty brewing equipment manufacturer understands the needs of brewing systems. They’ve installed over 1500 handcrafted brewing systems worldwide and have a commitment to making every system as streamlined and profitable as possible.

Their automatic brewing system SpecBrew is a comprehensive Rockwell/Allen Bradley platform used by breweries of any size and any configuration to control the operations happening in their brewhouse. As a completely secure way to control your brewing system and brewhouse, SpecBrew has changed automated brewery operations for brewmasters everywhere.

What are the benefits of SpecBrew?

SpecBrew is an intuitive brewery automation system that has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, providing complete control over the brewing process. And with its remote capability, your automatic brewing system can be managed from anywhere in the world.

Similar to everything Specific Mechanical designs, SpecBrew is a completely customizable automated brewing system. You can choose if you want it to:

Automate safety protocols to monitor valves, piping, hatches, and vessels with visual and audible alarm features. 

Automate grain handling, making it easier to stay true to every batch’s recipe-driven configuration — including the addition of grains from multiple sources and silos.

Monitor your liquor blending and mashing, hop dosing, and spent grain removal.

Measure your sugar concentrations.

Watches your pH sensor to trigger sparge water acidification.

Stabilize your wort boil by maintaining temperatures and tacking your wort density. 

Control cellar equipment by monitoring the temperature of each fermenter, lagering tank, and bright tank.

And there’s so much more! For a full list of SpecBrew automation capabilities, visit Specific Mechanical Systems website

An automated beer brewing system like SpecBrew allows you the ability to be in the brewhouse at all times — even when you’re not. With its secure and remote platform, you’ll have visibility and control over every operation executed in your brewery by a touch of a button. Automatic brewing is a revolutionary way to care for your brewery mechanics without spending the time to maintain it yourself. 

If you’re interested in using SpecBrew as your automatic brewing system, contact Specific Mechanical Systems for more information. Their team of brewing equipment specialists will set up an automated brewhouse depending on your desired volume — whether that’s a craft brewery with a 5 BBL - 20 BBL brewing system or a large commercial brewery with a 30 BBL - 100 BBL brewing system.

You can request a quote on their automated brewing system SpecBrew by calling +1-250-652-2111 or emailing them at [email protected].

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