Which Fragile Items To Pack With Bubble Wrap? Riverside Relocation Guide

Apr 5, 2024

Moving to a different state from Riverside? Packing your belongings properly will make sure they arrive at your destination unscathed, no matter how long the journey. If you need advice on how to pack your most fragile items, check out Movers.com’s guide!

If you’re moving across the country, you’ll want to make sure all your belongings survive the long trip. But if you only have so much bubble wrap to go around, you’re probably wondering what you should prioritize. Movers.com’s guide will help you with exactly that, so continue on to learn about which items to move to the top of your bucket list of belongings you should pay special attention to!

The Top Items to Pack with Bubble Wrap

In their guide, Movers.com says that wine glasses are among the most fragile types of glassware. Their long, thin stems make them particularly prone to breaking, which is why you should take extra precautions to protect them, especially if you have those fancy crystal glasses or something else that’s similarly expensive! 

The guide recommends wrapping glasses individually with bubble wrap and placing them into cell boxes lined with packing paper, with extra paper inside each goblet for support. You can also cover the top of the box with another layer of bubble wrap to soften the blows from any impacts.

China also requires special care, and Movers.com suggests wrapping each piece with packing paper first to avoid any unsightly impressions from air pockets caused by the bubble wrap. The moving box or dish carton they are to be placed in should also be lined with crumpled paper or packing peanuts for more cushioning.

Movers.com notes that all plates and saucers should be placed on their sides rather than stacked, as this positioning will minimize the risk of damage. Of course, it’s probably a good idea to do this with regular dishware too. Nothing will dampen your move into your dream home more than opening your boxes to a mountain of porcelain shards!

Dismantle Large Furniture

For large furniture, such as glass tabletops and cabinets, you should disassemble them where possible and protect the individual components with packing paper, followed by bubble wrap and packing tape. Again, the packing paper will protect the glass from any ugly impressions that the bubble wrap may leave on the surface, so it’s a good idea to add a layer to anything that you want to keep pristine.

As for what to do about the parts, the shelves can be safely stacked together and wrapped with moving blankets or old quilts. Doors and glass tops can also be bundled in cloth, but specialty boxes can be used to transport them as well. In fact, that might be what you prefer if you really want to ensure that your stuff remains unbroken.

Get Specialty Services for Specialty Items

When packing electronics, you should take care to use anti-static bubble wrap to prevent damage from static discharge. This special bubble wrap will usually be pink, so it’s pretty easy to spot in stores.

But when it comes to other unconventional valuables, such as artwork, you may need to factor in some additional considerations while you’re packing them. If you’re not up for it, Movers.com recommends hiring a professional moving service to handle the task. 

Not sure where you can find a reputable service? If you’re in Riverside, you can use Movers.com’s online directory to locate and compare the top companies in your area. You can even use the website to get up to seven free quotes from different companies! That’ll save you the time you’d otherwise spend calling every business in town, right? 

But reducing your moving stress is exactly what Movers.com is here for. So head on over to their website to get started!

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