Where To Find Sustainable, Artisanal Plaques And Awards For Events In Melbourne

May 20, 2024

Looking for the best sustainable custom plaques and trophies for sporting and business events in Melbourne or Sydney? Choose Design Awards to create your next prize and celebrate victory with a green heart!

Join the movement to celebrate sporting or industry success without compromising the health of the planet! By partnering with Design Awards, you can create the highest-quality plaques and trophies to honour achievements in sports or business while championing sustainability at the same time!

Find out how you can create beautiful bespoke awards that stand out in significance and responsibility at https://www.designawards.net.au/custom-trophies-melbourne/

Victory For The Person And The Planet 

Made from FSC-certified, locally sourced, sustainable, or salvaged timber and 100% recyclable aluminium and other metals, the company’s awards help conserve resources and reduce the carbon footprint associated with trophy production. By choosing awards made from these materials, you can reflect your commitment to environmental stewardship and help support a greener future!

Customization With A Conscience 

Design Awards can customize the shape and colour of its plaques and trophies and craft designs to align with your club or company’s brand identity. Furthermore, the tokens of esteem can be engraved by hand with a date, name, or personal notes of thanks or congratulations.

Highest Quality Craftsmanship 

The company notes that its sustainable wood and metal offer diverse design possibilities and allow for artistic expression beyond traditional materials, resulting in distinctive and memorable awards. “You don’t have to create an award in a traditional form,” said a spokesperson for the company. “The great thing about our sustainable plaques and trophies is that they can take any shape, so you can create a design that is highly relevant to the accomplishment, event, location, or recipient.”

Moreover, Design Awards can craft traditional sustainable wall-mounted plaques with a timeless feel, or free-standing options that offer versatility and a contemporary aesthetic. Applications include commemorative and ceremonial awards together with perpetual plaques for continuing excellence and achievement. You can supply your own design or entrust it to an in-house design expert!

Sustainable, Artisanal Creations 

Founded by sculptor and designer Bruce Dodds, Design Awards comprises a team of artisan makers who have been creating custom awards for over 20 years. Bruce and his team have designed trophies for the likes of the Australian Book Industry Awards, Australian Open, Deloitte, Google, and Qantas, so you know you're working with the industry's best.

“Because of the unique qualities of sustainable timber, it makes for stunning, distinctive designs that celebrate the beauty of the natural material,” said a spokesperson. “Choosing a future-friendly award with recycled or salvaged materials is a great way to do good for the world and demonstrate how your business or club is committed to sustainable practices.”

For stunning, sustainable plaques and trophies that tell a story of triumph and responsibility, visit Design Awards today!

For more details, go to https://www.designawards.net.au/custom-trophies-melbourne/

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