What You Can Do To Get The Best Veterinary Services For Your Pet In Encinitas

Sep 20, 2021

Looking for compassionate veterinary care in Encinitas or North San Diego County? You need the team at The Drake Center (877-679-7710)

Are you looking for a veterinary clinic that treats your pet with the same care and compassion as they would their own? Want to find a service that stays on top of the latest changes to veterinary medicine? The Drake Center should be your automatic choice!

The Drake Center has expanded its veterinary services for cats, dogs, and other animals from a facility voted the Best Veterinary Clinic in San Diego by Ranch & Coast Magazine for eleven years running.

Go to https://www.geniusvets.com/pet-care/find/california/encinitas/veterinarians/drake-center-3 for more information.

The recent announcement comes in response to the increased number of pet owners in California who require access to quality veterinary care, given the increase in animal adoptions during the pandemic.

An American Animal Hospital Association accredited clinic, The Drake Center has provided caring, compassionate pet healthcare of the highest quality for over 25 years. Setting the standards for veterinarians in Encinitas and North San Diego County, the clinic offers comprehensive animal care and a range of informative resources for you as a pet owner.

The team of veterinarians at the clinic pride themselves on staying abreast of the latest advances in animal medical care, companion animal care, and cutting-edge pet surgery techniques. As such, they regularly meet to learn about and collaborate on ways to keep continually improving the services they provide to you and your pet.

Services from The Drake Center are suitable for all types of pets and animals, including general check-ups, dental services, pain management, preventative care, anesthesia, surgery, and more. The clinic also regularly participates in events across Encinitas, raising money for companion animals each year and supporting local organizations such as Good Dog! Autism Companions, and Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

Pet care is tailored to your pet’s needs, often with multiple doctors working together to ensure that your dog or cat receives the most appropriate treatment. When you bring your cat, dog, or other animals into The Drake Center, you can be assured that doctors are on hand to help each other out, provide second opinions, and all in all offer the care your pet needs to get better.

With the latest announcement, The Drake Center continues to invest in creating the best possible experience for pet patients and clients, providing quality veterinary care and support to animals in Encinitas, CA, and the surrounding area.

The Drake Center is the expert veterinary center you can rely on to provide compassionate pet healthcare and a personalized service!

Ready to learn more? Visit https://www.geniusvets.com/pet-care/find/california/encinitas/veterinarians/drake-center-3 to see how they can help your pet!

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