What Is $PORK? 2024 Market Cap, Development Updates, Utility & Exclusive Rewards

Mar 4, 2024

Pond now allows you to earn exclusive 5x rewards when you invest in $PORK, the latest and greatest project by veteran developer and Pond creator Pauly0x.

$PORK: Doing The Impossible

They said it couldn't be done. After $DOGE took over the world - if only for a moment - most people in the mainstream assumed that the age of the meme coin was over. The flames died down, the price stabilized, there was no more gold in those hills... Or so it seemed! Then came the unexpected, miraculous rise of Pepe Coin, which in many ways adopted the ancestral legacy of $DOGE, unabashedly driving growth through the hype and enthusiasm that the crypto community is known for. Unlike most who attempted the same thing, $PEPE defied the odds with its longevity and consistent growth. However, something dark was lurking behind the scenes... In August, 2023, members of the team behind the token were accused of stealing over $10 million in $PEPE just before the coin went live, making themselves rich in the process. Many projects would not survive a hit like this, but again, this time, things were different.

One team member decided following this incident that the project had too much potential to simply abandon. "No," he said, "The people need Pepe. And Pepe needs the people!" (I'm paraphrasing, of course. You have no proof that he didn't say that, though!) That individual was Pauly0x, and the project that was born from this near-disaster is now known as Pepe Fork, or $PORK - just one piece of the new ecosystem that Pauly0x himself has dubbed "Crypto 2.0". Interested in getting a piece of this revolutionary new wave of DeFi technology? Visit https://www.pond0x.com/

Pond: Your Home For All Things $PORK

Pond, the ERC-20 exchange developed by Pauly0X, has announced this new collaboration following the successful launch of the $PORK token, which is sitting at $138 million in market cap at time of writing.

Pond is offering you a twofold opportunity to invest in $PORK, allowing for direct $ETH exchange with the token and mining $PNDC, a coin built directly on the infrastructure that powers $PORK, through their decentralized system. That's right: with Pond, you can mine without a single piece of hardware!

What Is A Meme Coin, Anyway?

Although some traders have turned up their nose at the so-called "meme-conomy", there is no denying that the success of the meme coin has been integral to the growth of crypto overall in the past few years. While many meme coins have no lasting utility in the DeFi space, their success has stemmed from their ability to deliver powerful short-term gains to traders looking to capitalize on the unabashed hype cycle that has been known to drive other crypto projects to ruin. That cycle, though, and the self-awareness of it, has allowed meme coins to flourish as a legitimate form of investment for many crypto trades.

Meme coins such as $PEPE and now $PORK have proven viable in a variety of scenarios. While many such assets delivered only short-term growth followed by a violent crash, $PEPE has shown remarkable resilience over its lifespan - a pattern which has so far been replicated by $PORK, which is built on the same code base as its predecessor.

How Did $PORK Come To Be?

The $PORK project and Pond as a platform were both developed by the individual known online as Pauly0x. He is a veteran in the crypto industry and one of the developers behind the original $PEPE project. However, following troubling allegations leveraged against other members of that team, he began the process of “forking” the $PEPE token in order to bring the project under the purview of a more responsible, more experienced group of developers.

To hear from him on all things Pond and $PORK, visit https://twitter.com/Pauly0x

Since then, $PORK has seen significant growth, now rivaling the market cap of its parent token while maintaining a relatively steady trading volume. With this in mind, Pond seeks to give the burgeoning token a home on the decentralized exchange, providing traders with a faster, simpler way to convert their $ETH into $PORK.

How To Add $PORK To Your Portfolio

Pond as an exchange platform is a dynamic, predictable alternative to other DeFi exchanges like Uniswap or SushiSwap. They make it fast and easy to invest in $PORK - all you really need to do to get started is register your wallet.

For a limited time, Pond is offering exclusive rewards when you buy $PORK through the platform. You can earn 5x rewards on all $PORK exchanges, while also becoming eligible for future experimental drops from the team that developed the token.

If you are interested in learning more about Pond and the projects that the platform is currently hosting - a catalog which includes $PORK, $PNDC, and others - visit https://twitter.com/Pond0x

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