Weschester County NY Mike Boyer Garage Door Repair Guide with 15 Steps Available

Feb 2, 2020

Need your garage door repaired? If your garage door motor, springs, cables, sensors or clicker is preventing proper function, Mike Boyer has created a 15 checklist Guide for Home and Business Owners. Mike is a 30 year Veteran serving customers in Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY and Begen County NJ.

  • weschester county ny mike boyer garage door repair guide with 15 steps available
  • weschester county ny mike boyer garage door repair guide with 15 steps available

According to 30 year Garage Door Repair Veteran Mike Boyer, “One of life’s simple luxuries is to push a button and your garage door opens and closes”. Mike goes on to say, “I created a Garage Door Repair Guide to Educate My Customers in Rockland and Westchester County NY and Bergen County New Jersey”

View The Guide Here https://mikeboyergaragedoors.com/garage-door-repair-westchester-county/

If you’ve had to open and close your garage door manually, you know the hassle and annoyance. You have to pull open the door, get in your car and back out of your garage. Then you have to get back out of your car, close the door and get back in your car.

Even on sunny days it’s annoying. How about those rainy or snowy days? Now we’re talking high level annoyance.

If you leave the door open, leaves and dust blow in. If you’re in an area with mice and chipmunks, they can easily slip in. They start getting into the walls of your home or business. Mike has even received phone calls from panicked owners who report racoons who got in their garage and won’t leave.

Most home and business owners are unaware of all the potential issues that prevent an automatic garage door from properly opening and closing.

To educate the home and business owners about the many issues that can prevent an automatic garage door from functioning properly, Mike created a Multi Step Guide. It includes the top 6 questions you should ask a repair company and a 15 step checklist with details about common issues.  

Typical problems include:

·       Your door won't open

·       Door won't stay closed

·       Opens by itself

·       Keeps opening

·       Opens halfway

·       Won't stay down

·       The door is stuck open or stops when closing

·       Won't close with remote.

·       The Garage Door has broken springs

·       Blinking Lights

·       Door cable came off

·       Sensors won't work

·       Your garage opener needs to be reprogrammed

·       The motor is loud

·       The door is off the track, it’s crooked, uneven, beeping, sticking or frozen shut.

Mike Boyer follows a systemized checklist for every type of door. Automatic garage doors are available for 1,2 and 3 car garages. There are RV Garage Doors others for Pole Barns and Self-Storage facilities and many others.  Residential garage doors can be as small as 7 x 7 feet while large commercial doors like in a Fire Station can be 30 x 30 feet.

Each home and business has different sized garage doors. They are made with various materials, height and weight. As a result, every door is different. You need a garage door repairman with experience and knowledge of the appropriate parts so that every door opens and closes with ease.

For more information and to view the Mike Boyer Garage Door Guide click here https://mikeboyergaragedoors.com/

Mike services home and business customers in Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY and Bergen County NJ.

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