Weekend Warriors Golf Webcomic: Follow Godolfo ‘Godo’ Golpher & His AI Robot

May 31, 2024

If you love golf and cartoons, you need to support the new Kickstarter campaign launched by Birdie Robot Golf, the company behind the Weekend Warriors golf webcomic!

Move aside Spider-Man and Batman — there's a new hero in town and he has a 9-iron! This is the basic story of the Weekend Warriors webcomic, a cool new comic strip from Birdie Robot Golf. Though already at a soft launch stage, they need a little more financial support in order to finish some key aspects such as jokes, illustrations, and merchandise manufacturing, which is why they've started a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign, which has a target of $12,720 USD, will provide them with the funds necessary to complete this passion project and roll it out to the public.

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/birdierobot/birdie-robot-golf-webcomic to learn how you can contribute!

The Webcomic

The comic itself follows Godolfo "Godo" Golpher, a budding golfer whose background in engineering often causes him to overthink his shots out on the course. Along with his coworkers, Fran Fader, Roberto "Tito" Teeoff, and Darla Dibot, Godo starts developing an AI robot to help him with his game.

“We are passionate about creating a story that will make you laugh, cringe, and be possibly a bit sad or angry,” explained a spokesperson for Birdie Robot Golf. “For us, it is the relatability and the painful familiarity of the ups & downs of playing this easy-to-love and hate game that triggers those emotions even as we are just drafting each comic strip.”

The stories — which have already been written — were created by Birdie Robot Golf's in-house team of content developers. For the illustrations, they hired legendary comic book artist CZero. He took their rudimentary sample sketches and turned them into much more detailed and memorable drawings.

The Plan

Birdie Robot Golf’s plan for rolling out the webcomic is to start releasing the first run of 100 strips at the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign; 50 in black-and-white and 50 in full-color. The comics will be published twice a week, with the black-and-white strips dropping on Wednesdays and the full-color strips dropping on Sundays.

The Budget

The funds generated by the Kickstarter campaign have been pre-allocated to cover certain costs associated with the production of the webcomic; 49% will go towards the development of the comic, 21% towards fulfillment, 18% towards taxes and fees, and 13% towards labor.

The Rewards

The Kickstarter campaign currently has six levels of support for you to choose from, all with different perks and swag — Founder's Wall Mention, Par, Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, and Hole-in-One. You also gain entry into the Weekend Warriors Golf Association, an exclusive group that receives invites to special events, discounts on merchandise, and early access to special giveaways.

“Most of us working on the webcomic aren’t able to dedicate our full time and attention to it because of the financial pressures involved,” said the spokesperson. “Our hope is that this Kickstarter campaign will enable us to complete the work needed and allow us to create the merch that will lead to sustainable growth.”

To give Birdie Robot Golf some of your green, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/birdierobot/birdie-robot-golf-webcomic

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