Weddings in Philly are Utilizing Wedding Photo Booths

Nov 17, 2016

Photo Booths are trending at weddings in Philadelphia. Nearly every wedding in Philly now has a wedding photo booth for the guests and wedding party to enjoy.

Philly Photo Booths understands everybody loves to have amazing and fun photos, especially when it comes to Modern weddings. Every bride and groom would cherish those photos taken on the most special day. It is for this reason that photo booths popped up on the professional wedding scene some 10 years ago.

A glimpse into the history of Photo Booths:

The original Photo booth concept was developed (no pun intended) by William Pope and Edward Pope of Baltimore in 1888. The first working photo booth was developed by French inventor T. E. Enjalbert (1889). The digital photo booth was developed by Anatol Josepho in 1925 and since then it has became more and more popular.

The modern day photo booth:

Today, in the age of social media (Instagram, Facebook), everyone is “connected” and everyone loves taking “selfies” and sharing them with friends on social media.

The same thing is happening at Philadelphia weddings right now. And not to mention, weddings across America, too. These days, nearly every wedding has a photo booth where joyous, and sometimes inebriated guests jump at the opportunity to capture the best, and possibly the worst, moments of the event. A wedding photo booth is trending big time and allows every photo enthusiast an opportunity to enjoy the best moments of the event.

Why is it trending?

It was a unique idea to have a photo booth at wedding 10 years ago, but today Photo Booths Philadelphia is a mainstay of all types of events.

In a normal “run of the mill” wedding ( no insult intended), one would find wedding pictures that show people, the cake and dancing. But Philadelphia Photo Booths is a new and distinctive idea that allows the participants to go “beyond” the ordinary and usual. It is for this reason. Wedding photo booths are also being used by Hollywood celebrities (such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) in high-end weddings. Photo Booths Philly provides a “Photo Spot” for fun and entertainment for the guests of every age. Where guests can act funny and take some extraordinary funny photos. Photo booths provide endless entertainment to guests throughout the evening, and even the bridal parties partake in the fun and excitement. Some booths make it possible for guests to even make short video clips and instantly share it with their friends and family. Modern day photo booths allow guests to get the photos instantly texted to their cell phones. This sure beats the hum-drum wedding without a photo booth, which takes time to get photos back in an album days or even weeks later. However, in a photo booth photos are printed right away. With a photo booth,

one can also make an album of the wedding ceremony (making it possible to gift these photos to the guests at the end of the wedding event). Each guest may also add some funny captions on the photo of a specific friend. This would help one share great moments of wedding with a friend many thousands of miles away. A Photo booth is a cost effective option. To reduce the cost and timely delivery of wedding photos, it is preferable to book a photo booth. Guest can pose in different styles of choice, with and without props. And definitely without hassle of a photographer asking for a “Smile”. Another big advantage of photo booth is availability of different themes (that can be instantly changed by computer). Each guest can select the theme of his or her choice on the spot. Guests can even custom design a new theme to surprise other friends.

A wedding is a highly enjoyable and memorable event. Having a photo booth at a wedding is surely an innovative tool for great memory capturing.

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