Web3 Developers Work On NFT Projects On Flexible Freelancing Platform

Aug 24, 2023

Want great pay with flexible hours? Then apply as a freelance Web3 developer at Meta-Builders, a top blockchain technology company!

Meta-Builders has great news for talented Web3 developers: you can now apply to its in-home freelancer program!

This program allows you to work on Web3 projects with Meta-Builders on a per-project basis. The company offers you continuous contract work in the blockchain space, giving you exposure to all aspects of this nascent but promising sector.

Learn more by visiting https://meta-builders.app

More specifically, you can work on projects such as NFT drops, custom blockchain marketplace integrations, smart contract design, and metaverse space development. You will work alongside experienced developers from Meta-Builders who can actualize virtually any project idea.

A spokesperson says: “The inclusion of in-home freelancing not only extends the company's service portfolio but also enables you to contribute to the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to develop cutting-edge skills that can only become more in demand as blockchain becomes ever more mainstream.”

Further information is available at https://open.substack.com/pub/metabuilders/p/introduction-to-the-metaverse-crafting

Meta-Builders notes that its freelancing program is ideal if you’re a skilled professional who wants a flexible work arrangement. Indeed, you are free to choose which project to take on and what hours to work. At the same time, the company offers you dependable freelancing opportunities given the extensive network of clients it works with.

Despite the work-from-home setup, Meta-Builders’ freelance program offers competitive rates that befit the high-level development skills required. Moreover, you have the opportunity to work with leading players in the Web3 industry, such as Raid Guild, Blockchain Valley, and Foresite, among others. As such, you can gain experience in various facets of blockchain technology, from NFT-based games to cryptocurrency exchanges.

To apply as a freelance Web3 developer, you may send your web3 resume through Meta-Builders’ website.


Meta-Builders is a leading Web3 development company that helps businesses and individuals navigate the world of blockchain technology. The company offers a variety of services, giving clients the innovative technology infrastructure they need to get ahead of the competition. It is a firm believer in the potential of blockchain technologies and is always looking for ways to expand its services.

All of the perks, none of the restrictions - that’s what Meta-Builders’ freelancing program offers. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Apply today!

For more information about Meta-Builders and its freelance job openings, you may also visit http://discord.gg/metabuilders

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