Watch These Health & Wealth Affirmation Videos To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

May 19, 2022

Responding to increased interest in manifestation, Magic Mind Meditation has created a series of videos designed to rewire your subconscious mind for success.

Watch These Health & Wealth Affirmation Videos To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

You've got a lengthy list of goals but time again it feels as though you're missing the mark. Try as you might, you just can't seem to make things happen. But thanks to Magic Mind Meditation, you can get closer to your goals today - even while you sleep.

Aimed at stressed-out professionals, the Magic Mind Meditation videos include a mix of affirmations, sleep music, and binaural beats that provide a calming effect. The videos have been created by a team of mindset and manifestation coaches who are trained in the law of attraction and brainwave entertainment.

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Meant to be used during sleep or meditation, the videos allow you to embody a feeling of peace, serenity and joy. In this state, you can more easily align with the energy of your goals and therefore manifest them into your reality.

Many of the videos feature binaural beats - a kind of musical frequency that is used to alter brainwaves during meditation. Listening to binaural benefits can aid stress relief, improve concentration, and boost confidence. On the channel, you'll also find alpha, gamma, and beta beats that can improve physical health and provide pain relief.

To help you remove emotional blocks, some of the videos include affirmations - positive statements written in the first person that are designed to rewire subconscious limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your goals. Popular affirmations on the channel include phrases for good luck, business opportunities, and career success. You will also find affirmations that help you get fitter and lessen anxiety.

To quickly find what you're looking for, you should select the 'playlist' tab where you will find wellness, healing, binaural beats, and affirmation collections.

A company spokesperson says, "We created these videos to give complete wellbeing to our visitors. They are here to empower you at a spiritual, emotional, and physical level, and can be used to visualize and attract what you want while you meditate or sleep. Use them to elevate your state of consciousness, substitute negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings for others, and move closer to your goals."

About The Company

Magic Mind Meditation is a music therapy channel that provides motivational and scientifically-developed content. They’re committed to helping busy people improve their overall welling through the power of brain science and spirituality.

With Magic Mind Meditation, your goals are within reach.

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