Waskom School Chaplaincy Training: Work Full-Time Improving Emotional Wellbeing

Dec 12, 2023

Enroll today in The National School Chaplain Association’s (405-831-3299) chaplaincy training program and you will be a certified and highly eligible graduate ready to start helping children and young people in the 2024/25 academic year.

With the National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) you have a unique opportunity to bring hope, happiness and purpose to children and teenagers in Texas as a certified school chaplain.

The NSCA is the only endorsed chaplaincy body in the State of Texas and in the United States, and they are currently the largest chaplaincy association worldwide. If you are interested in bringing hope to the next generation, they can offer you the opportunity to study with them and become a certified chaplain who is eligible for full-time employment in public and private schools throughout the state. 

Go to https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/school-benefits to find out more.

Following the passing of the Chaplain Bill in June, a host of new employment opportunities have been created for chaplains in the State of Texas. Therefore, the NSCA recommends that—if you are interested in a career where you will work directly to promote spiritual and emotional wellbeing amongst students, teachers and school communities—you apply for their training program ahead of the next academic year. 

The National School Chaplain Association’s certified training program requires an intensive time commitment, but you can complete it in just eight weeks. It is offered online through Oral Roberts University, an esteemed private Christian university in Oklahoma, and it covers all the pillars of emotional and spiritual guidance which a chaplain will need to provide. 

As the NSCA summarized, “School chaplains make crucial contributions in at least four ways:

  • chaplains make schools safer,
  • chaplains explore and honor identity,
  • chaplains create and cultivate community
  • and chaplains illuminate and ignite purpose.” 

You can access more information on what school chaplains offer a school community and what the NSCA’s chaplaincy training program covers at https://campuschaplains.org/ 

Should you get in touch with the National School Chaplain Association today you can arrange all pre-enrolment documentation this month, commence your studies in the new year and be certified and ready to interview for full-time positions come April when most schools will start staffing for the 2024/25 academic year. 

The NSCA believes school chaplaincy is a calling unlike any other. A spokesperson for the association said, “With the National School Chaplain Association, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to provide much-needed emotional support, guidance, and compassion to young minds during their formative years.” 

Chaplaincy will give you an opportunity to give meaningful emotional and spiritual guidance to children and young people at a moment of nationwide crisis in which they are more lost and unhappy than ever.

If you are not called to become a chaplain but you still want to support the work of the association, you can also visit https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/champions-1 and see how you can give to and advocate for the NSCA.

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