Walk the Trans Bhutan Trail by Booking a Guided Tour with This Travel Platform

Jan 18, 2024

Are you ready for your next grand adventure? Ever Wonder Adventure offers a culturally immersive and eco-friendly trek of the ancient Trans Bhutan Trail so that you can experience the people and natural beauty of Bhutan intimately and deeply.

Do you love to travel but have concerns about the negative impact conventional tourism can have on climate change and the environment? Eco-travel is the way to go!

Ever Wonder Adventure's Trans Bhutan Trail tour offers an opportunity to be fully immersed in Bhutanese culture & landscape while prioritizing environmentally sustainable practices.

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An Ancient Trail In The Modern World

The Trans Bhutan Trail is an ancient but recently renovated footpath that spans 403 kilometres from Haa, in West Bhutan, to Trashingang in the East. It winds through 27 villages, four fortressed monasteries, 21 temples, and 12 mountain passes.

For hundreds of years and up until the 1960s, the Trans Bhutan Trail was the only way to travel and communicate across the country of Bhutan. It was trekked by pilgrims, monks, armies, traders, and messengers. Now, having recently been fully restored, it is open to travellers from around the world.

Why Ever Wonder Adventure?

Ever Wonder Adventure's Trans Bhutan Trail travel package gives you the opportunity to experience Bhutanese culture and its pristine natural landscape in the same immersive trip. Throughout your journey, you'll have the chance to observe or even partake in cultural events and rituals with local residents.

In particular, Ever Wonder Adventure hopes to inspire those, like yourself, who are concerned about climate change to participate in this eco-friendly trip. You'll travel by foot (carbon-emission free) and stay and eat with local families, cutting down on the waste created by hotel stays, restaurant eating, and other activities typically associated with conventional tourism.

As Ever Wonder explains on its website, its Trans Bhutan Trail trek begins on the Punakha Suspension Bridge, a vibrant gathering place for local monks and villagers. From there, you'll be led by an expert guide through orchards and rice terraces, eventually approaching the famous Punakha Dzong, regarded as the most beautiful dzong in Bhutan.

The Tshering Farmhouse in Paro is one of the homestay opportunities that will be available to you on your journey. Here, you'll have the privilege of meeting the Yangzom family and learning their ancestral traditions and wisdom.

About Ever Wonder Adventure

Ever Wonder Adventure is dedicated to providing adventurous travel opportunities that prioritize environmental and cultural preservation. Along with Bhutan, the company offers trips to Puerto Princesa, Costa Rica, South Korea, and Luang Prabang. Ever Wonder Adventure also strives to empower communities for climate action through emission reduction, land conservation, resilience building, and fostering ecological balance.

Want to learn more and book your next big adventure? Find out more about Ever Wonder Adventure by visiting https://www.everwonderadventure.com/support-us#!/Bhutan-Adventure/c/154378752

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