Walk Behind Garden Lawnmower – Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator Attachment By Exmark

Apr 9, 2021

FanaticBuying features the Exmark Lawn Dethatcher and Aerator attachment and other useful accessories on their website. Save yourself a huge amount of time and effort and get a greener lawn.

Buy the Exmark lawn dethatcher and aerator garden accessory from FanaticBuying for a greener, healthier lawn that is more naturally resistant to the vagaries of the weather.

Exmark has launched a new robust 12 gauge steel lawn dethatcher and aerator which is suitable for commercial use and domestic use. Designed for those lawns where a sit-on mower would be difficult to use, the Exmark Dethatcher is perfect for accessing those hard-to-reach spots and tricky areas to access.

Go to https://fanaticbuying.com/product/hd-dethatcher-commercial-exmark-for-30-walk-behind for more details!

The Exmark Dethatcher and Aerator can be supplied by FanaticBuying who specializes in sourcing the latest innovative product lines and making them available via their eCommerce outlet.

The Dethatcher features an easy-install design and includes all the necessary mounting hardware. A clever design feature is the use of the existing front adjustment holes on the mower to fit the dethatcher using two pins that slot into the holes and lock into place. The tines which do the hard work in the dethatching and aerating process are particularly strong and resilient to resist bending. A video of the Exmark dethatcher and aerator is available at https://youtu.be/cTWkmMim3II

Often the most neglected aspect of lawn care, regular dethatching is vital to improve the air exchange between your soil and the atmosphere, as well as reduce water runoff and puddling. A properly aerated lawn has improved fertilizer uptake and your grass will develop a stronger root system.

If you dethatch and aerate your lawn periodically, you will be rewarded with greener grass, reduced soil compaction, and a healthier lawn. Your lawn will also have a bouncier more cushioned feel and will show an increased heat and drought stress tolerance.

The dethatcher aerator combo is a great way for you to kill two birds with the same stone. The simplicity and speed of use of this attachment compared to performing the dethatching manually with a dethatching rake, make it a sought-after garden accessory.

A spokesperson for FanaticBuying said: “This well-constructed garden tool has an innovative design and takes the hard work out of performing a dethatching and aerating service on a lawn, for both homeowners and professional gardeners. It hardly makes sense to incur regular dethatching rental costs when gardeners can own an attachment for such a competitive price.””

Grab yourself a reliable attachment that takes the hard work out of dethatching and aerating your lawn. Put away that manual dethatcher for good!

Get your dethatcher and lawn aerator at https://fanaticbuying.com/product/hd-dethatcher-commercial-exmark-for-30-walk-behind and let your Exmark accessory create a greener, healthier lawn for you.

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