VoilaVe’s Moroccan Pure Organic Argan Oil Approved As Non-GMO

Jun 27, 2024

VoilaVe’s Morocco Pure Organic Argan Oil has received Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) accreditation alongside its existing ECOCERT and USDA Organic certifications.

VoilaVe, a trusted name in premium skincare and wellness products, is proud to announce that its Pure Organic Argan Oil from Morocco has received Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) designation, alongside its existing ECOCERT and USDA Organic certifications. This addition underscores VoilaVe’s unwavering commitment to providing consumers with the purest, most natural skincare solutions available.


Why Non-GMO Matters

In today’s health-conscious market, consumers are increasingly seeking products that are not only organic but also free from genetically modified organisms. The Non-GMO designation ensures that VoilaVe’s Argan Oil is produced without the use of GMOs, aligning with the highest standards of purity and sustainability.

“Our commitment to purity and quality is at the core of everything we do,” said Skylar Lear, Co-Owner of VoilaVe. “The Non-GMO designation reinforces our promise to deliver a product that is free from genetic modification, ensuring that every drop of our Argan Oil is as nature intended - pure, natural, and safe for your skin and the environment.”

The Significance of ECOCERT and USDA Organic Certifications

VoilaVe’s Pure Organic Argan Oil already stands out with its ECOCERT and USDA Organic certifications, which are globally recognized standards for organic integrity:

ECOCERT Certification: This certification guarantees that the Argan Oil is produced according to rigorous organic farming standards, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. It also ensures that the product is sustainably sourced, supporting local communities in Morocco.

USDA Organic Certification: This prestigious certification ensures that Argan Oil meets the strict guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture. It verifies that the oil is made from organically grown ingredients, free from GMOs, and processed without synthetic additives or chemicals.

Benefits of VoilaVe’s Pure Organic Argan Oil

100% Pure and Natural: VoilaVe’s Argan Oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, preserving its natural antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Multifunctional Skincare: Ideal for moisturizing skin, nourishing hair, and strengthening nails, VoilaVe's Argan Oil is a versatile addition to any beauty routine.

Sustainably Sourced: VoilaVe's commitment to sustainability ensures that every bottle supports fair trade practices and environmental conservation in Morocco.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

With the addition of the Non-GMO designation, VoilaVe’s Pure Organic Argan Oil from Morocco continues to lead the industry in quality, purity, and sustainability. This certification reaffirms VoilaVe's dedication to providing products that are not only beneficial for its customers but also for the planet.

“We are thrilled to offer a product that is certified organic, Non-GMO, and sustainably sourced,” added Co-Owner Tracy Lear, “Our customers can trust that VoilaVe’s Argan Oil is a true reflection of nature’s best, crafted with the highest standards of integrity and care.”


About VoilaVe

Emphasizing Commitment to Purity, Quality, and Sustainability

VoilaVe is dedicated to delivering high-quality, organic skincare and wellness products. Sourced from the fertile soils of Morocco, VoilaVe’s Argan Oil is a testament to the company's commitment to purity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. Each product is designed to enhance natural beauty while supporting local communities and preserving the environment.

For more information about VoilaVe’s Pure Organic Argan Oil and its full range of products, visit https://www.voilave.com/.

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