Voice Over & Audio Formatting Services: Launch Your Book In A New Marketplace

Nov 7, 2023

Want to get your book professionally narrated and published as an audiobook but don’t know where to go? Write My Wrongs can help you find a great voice actor and produce your audiobook with full adherence to your creative vision throughout!

These days, more and more people are turning to audiobooks as a way to develop their reading habits.

This trend should come as no surprise, since audiobooks are much more convenient than print books. Making it a habit to listen to audiobooks lets you consume your favorite stories anywhere, anytime, even while multitasking, and it can also reduce eye strain and help you improve your listening skills.

Maybe you’ve written a book that would make a great audiobook, but you don’t have the resources to record it yourself, like access to a professional recording studio. The Write My Wrongs publishing agency can help you make your print dream a wonderfully entertaining, audible reality.

The agency offers professional audiobook production and narration services for self-published authors like you, and can also help you make your finished product available to readers on major audio platforms like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Bring your audiobook to life at https://writemywrongs.co/audiobooks

The services are designed to help you bring your work to the rapidly growing audiobook publishing marketplace. The Write My Wrongs team will make the transition from print to audio as smooth as possible for you with several ready-made auxiliary services, including narrator auditions, editing, uploading final audio files, creating custom cover art, and marketing advice.

The agency says that the US audiobook market has increased by double-digit percentages every year for the past eight years. It is currently valued at $1.5 billion and expected to steadily increase by 20% to 25% over the next several years.

Write My Wrongs wants authors like you to benefit from this growth by re-launching their books in audio format, which will give them access to a new customer base, as well as a fresh opportunity to re-market their books.

You can choose from three options, according to your budget and technical ability. You can pay the narrator upfront, pay them 50% of the royalties, or provide your own audio files and pay no narrator fee. All three options include separate project-management fees for your audiobook's production.

If you visit the agency's website, you can sign up to receive a complimentary guide on “How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023: An Insider’s Guide to Self-Publishing.” The guide provides a seven-step plan to help you craft your next manuscript in a way that will give it the best chance of becoming a bestseller.

About Write My Wrongs

Write My Wrongs has helped 600-plus authors achieve their book goals. The agency strives to make the self-publishing process as smooth and stress-free as possible and will work closely with you to ensure they're faithful to your creative vision throughout the process and up to the release of the final product.

“From start to finish, I was met with professionalism and kindness,” client Adam Wilber, author of Creativity: the Magic Formula and celebrity magician, said. “While it seems like this should be a given, in today’s world, it’s a breath of fresh air to be treated with such care. I would 100% recommend Write My Wrongs to anyone who needs a book edited!”

The Write My Wrongs team will do the utmost to make sure the entire audiobook creation process is easy and enjoyable for you. They're also laser-focused on working with you to find the perfect narrator for your book, according to your specifications.

So, when you choose Write My Wrongs, you can be assured your work is in the hands of experienced professionals, so you can relax and enjoy the royalties.

Learn more at https://writemywrongs.co/audiobooks

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