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May 23, 2024

If you’re a diehard dog fan, you’re going to love Dog Blog House – a website full of cute pics, videos, and amazing stories showcasing how our precious pups always have the ability to surprise us. Check it out today!

Are you a fan of dogs? Can't get enough of cute stories and videos of our furry, four-legged friends?

For a steady stream of inspiring stories for dog lovers like you, check out the Dog Blog House website.

The site shares unusual and often humorous tales from around the world, highlighting how adaptable, brave, and remarkable dogs can be. The blog series complements a host of other dog-related content including how-to guides, videos, and pictures.

Daring Dexter

Read how Dexter – a military working dog – saved over one hundred lives during his military career. Dexter has recently retired from service and the article celebrates his contributions to the armed services' missions in Baghdad. In July 2004, the article explains, Dexter detected explosives on a garbage truck gas tank that was destined to cause widespread destruction and claim hundreds of lives. His other notable achievements include helping to suppress a prison riot. Pretty impressive, huh?

This brave animal was the first military working dog to receive the America Legion Post 703 membership card. The piece explains how Dexter's experiences took a significant toll on his health with a hip problem and some resulting aggression leading authorities to consider putting him to sleep. Thankfully, Kathleen Ellison – Dexter's handler – contacted the Military Working Dogs Adoption service and Save-A-Vet and was able to secure his safe passage back to the US.

Brainy Chaser

Other stories of exceptional canine abilities include that of Chaser, a six-year-old border collie, who now understands more than 1,000 words as taught by her owner – retired psychology professor John Pilley. Chaser underwent three years of intense training with Pilley eventually writing a guide for other dog owners interested in using his methods. Researchers believe there are parallels between how a dog learns and how children are taught during their formative infant years.

Resourceful Rush

You can also read the heartwarming tale of a pit bull named Rush – a resident of the SISCA Pet Adoption Center. Months passed without anyone showing an interest in adopting him but, remarkably, Rush began to take matters into his own hands by making his bed each day – dragging the sheets between his teeth until they looked tidy and neat. Staff at the center filmed this and posted the video on YouTube. Millions of views later, a couple, who had recently lost their own dog, adopted Rush and gave him the home he craved.

“Rush would still be living on the streets if he hadn't been so determined, “ the article says. “He showed that even 'aggressive' breeds can be good pets if loved and cared for correctly.”

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